Door Pull Handle

Door Pull HandleDoor pull handles are not only functional parts of the door but can also be used as a decorative feature for any door. It is almost completely necessary to have door pull handles on at least one side of the door. You have the option to just fix a functional part to the door or you can pick the right kind of door pull handle which will not only add a lot of aesthetic appeal to your door but will also enhance the functionality of the door considerably. There are numerous variations in the kinds of door pull handles that are available in the market and one must be well aware of the different types to be able to select the right kind of door pull handles. The handles also come in various materials and the choice of the material will depend on various factors like the location of the door and the material of the door.

The most common kind of door pull handles are the vertically fixed ones which are basically a loop which ensures easy grip and efficient handling. There are several variations to this design as well. Most of the doors which are exposed to the sun and rain will have to be metal. This will ensure that the handle will not lose its strength over time. These handles can be got in various materials and some of the most widely used materials are bronze, stainless steel, iron, nickel and brass. Bronze door pull handles have become increasingly famous over the years due to several reasons. The feel of bronze is very soothing and it also provides the opportunity to have some really interesting designs with the handle. Bronze handles look incredibly good on dark shaded wooden doors. The bronze handles are also available in sand cast finish which adds a lot of texture and feel to the handles.

Most of the glass doors will come with stainless steel door pull handles. One of the most crucial features about the glass doors is that they look incredibly good when they come with the stainless steel door handles. Most of the glass doors can be pulled from either side or this is one of the main reasons why most of the handles for the glass doors come in pairs. The other crucial thing about the glass doors is that there are numerous designs of the handles. Some of the handles can be fixed horizontally which can be very useful when the door is considerably wide. For most of the double doors, it is customary to go for horizontal door handles. For the glass double doors you will invariably have to go for two pairs of door handles. One of the most important things that you will have to consider while selecting the door pull handles for the glass doors is the design of the door frame. It is very important to ensure that the design and colour of the door frame blends in with the design of the door pull handle.