Dress Up Any Door

Dress up any door with a bold color and hardware. A good kick plate will keep your door looking great a lot longer since it prevents damage. How many times have we kicked open a door when our hands were full or rested a heavy box against it?

Whether you have a classic or contemporary door, a kick plate adds a finishing touch to your door that will make a good first impression to visitors of your home or business.

Here are some great examples of doors featuring a kick plate we found from Pinterest:

Kick plate door hardwareDoor hardware stylee0297414e385f3d88c8c5e08b4ba3f7eStylish door with glass and kick plate
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Koffler Sales offers many styles of kick plates, as well as additional forms of door protection.

Koffler Sales vinyl kick plate  color chart
You can even branch out past stainless steel kick plates (as shown above) with colored vinyl options. Use a colored kick plate to blend in with any color you choose to paint your door or you can use a contrasting color to create a more dramatic design. A black kick plate on a white door will look very modern and chic, while lavender against a navy door will work with a Victorian style building.

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Door Kick Plates

Door Kick PlatesWhen you reach home with both hands full of groceries, all you can think about is shoving the door with your foot. But if you have a beautiful rose wood door, you will think twice before doing this and will eventually try to push the door with your elbows or your back. You can avoid this hazel by getting a door kick plate for your door which will permit you to go ahead and kick open the door without worrying much about the door getting footprints on it. The door kick plates are really useful even in non residential buildings. Almost all hospitals will have door kick plates on the doors to ensure that the door is protected from the wheelchair footrests. These are almost a must in all school doors as kids are used to using all parts of their body to open a door.

There are numerous other uses for the door kick plates as well. Some of the door kick plates can be used to protect the upper part of the door as well. The plates can be affixed to the door before attaching the door handle. This will ensure that the surface below the handle will not get any ugly stains due to repeated use. The plates can also be affixed vertically at the free end of the door and can be used to push open the door sans the handle. Several people find it very useful to attach the plates on the inner surface of the bathroom doors which will ensure that the lower part of the door does not get wet. These can also be used on walls when you intend to protect the walls from the back rest of a chair or any other furniture.

There are numerous kinds of door kick plates available in the market. There are several variations which you can just stick on to the door without the use of screws. There are also some which can be fastened on to the door with the help of clamps. One thing that you will have to keep in mind while selecting the door kick plates is the dimensions of the door. You will also have to ensure that you select the right kind of material. The most common door kick plates are made up of stainless steel. They generally come in the gauge range of 16 to 18 and will not pose a problem in shutting the door completely. This is a very good option considering the fact that they are very durable and can be cleaned very easily. There are also several bronze and nickel plates which will go very well with wooden doors.
There are also several vinyl door kick plates which are extremely thin and will not look odd. You can select from a wide variety of colours to ensure that they blend well with the colour of the door. These come in the thickness range of 0.04 inch to 0.06 inch are come in multiple colours and in various mounting options. With a plethora of options to choose from, you will never have to worry about ruining the look of the door as the plates might just enhance the appearance of the door and retain its quality for a much longer period.

Door Pull Handle

Door Pull HandleDoor pull handles are not only functional parts of the door but can also be used as a decorative feature for any door. It is almost completely necessary to have door pull handles on at least one side of the door. You have the option to just fix a functional part to the door or you can pick the right kind of door pull handle which will not only add a lot of aesthetic appeal to your door but will also enhance the functionality of the door considerably. There are numerous variations in the kinds of door pull handles that are available in the market and one must be well aware of the different types to be able to select the right kind of door pull handles. The handles also come in various materials and the choice of the material will depend on various factors like the location of the door and the material of the door.

The most common kind of door pull handles are the vertically fixed ones which are basically a loop which ensures easy grip and efficient handling. There are several variations to this design as well. Most of the doors which are exposed to the sun and rain will have to be metal. This will ensure that the handle will not lose its strength over time. These handles can be got in various materials and some of the most widely used materials are bronze, stainless steel, iron, nickel and brass. Bronze door pull handles have become increasingly famous over the years due to several reasons. The feel of bronze is very soothing and it also provides the opportunity to have some really interesting designs with the handle. Bronze handles look incredibly good on dark shaded wooden doors. The bronze handles are also available in sand cast finish which adds a lot of texture and feel to the handles.

Most of the glass doors will come with stainless steel door pull handles. One of the most crucial features about the glass doors is that they look incredibly good when they come with the stainless steel door handles. Most of the glass doors can be pulled from either side or this is one of the main reasons why most of the handles for the glass doors come in pairs. The other crucial thing about the glass doors is that there are numerous designs of the handles. Some of the handles can be fixed horizontally which can be very useful when the door is considerably wide. For most of the double doors, it is customary to go for horizontal door handles. For the glass double doors you will invariably have to go for two pairs of door handles. One of the most important things that you will have to consider while selecting the door pull handles for the glass doors is the design of the door frame. It is very important to ensure that the design and colour of the door frame blends in with the design of the door pull handle.

Door Push And Pull Plates

Door Push And Pull PlatesWhy are push and pull plates so convenient for all places? We commonly see them in restaurants, clubs but they aren’t exclusive to these. They can be a nice homely feature of a family style house, and there are multiple styles to choose from!

Most people see the classic silver design as the only style, but push and pull plates can come in many different colors, sizes and shapes. Some might think it trivial to give so much consideration to such an object. However, these plates come in very handy when trying to limit those germ-filled handprints on a glass door with a small wooden frame! They are also a nice relief when comes time to clean!

Push and pull plates are a popular and common request in the hardware market and most people consider them a safe bet when looking to furnish either their business or home. What makes them different from door knobs? Well for starters they are flat but longer, so more convenient for an assortment of people and sizes to use them. Although pull plates can have a knob as part of the design we predominantly find a more orthodox and basic design. Push plates however, are the definition of hardware simplicity! You simply push on the plate which truly makes this item so convenient and an absolute must have!

Why would these be more convenient than automatic doors that open for you? Granted, there is nothing easier than walking up to a door and it opening by itself! But the reality is that these are grossly more expensive as well as coming with the threat of breaking down at any moment. A push and pull plate is not likely to need an electrician to come out and fix them! In fact, they are generally unbreakable unless someone goes to great lengths to find a way to break them! What is so simple and convenient about the push and pull plates is the fact that you can just screw them into the door and it all ends there. There is no need for insurance, an electrician, a thinned out wallet or a stressed business manager!

Push and pull plates in essence are so basic some may dismiss them for it. A lot of businesses nowadays want flashy hardware for their doors or themed goods that simply cannot be met by a push and pull plate. Those are the people who have dispensable incomes who may not fret about a luxury door knob getting snapped off by over use or an automatic door breaking twice a year. Cost all adds up and the fact is that nowadays more families and businesses want to get the more affordable and basic options! What’s worse than a child with sticky hands trying to twist a door knob! It’s a big of a hassle to clean and one that can be avoided by purchasing one of these excellent hardware accessories.

Now you know what a door push and pull plate is, you can now decide for yourself!

Door Protector For Dogs

Door Protector For DogsDoor protectors for dogs are extremely important if you own a dog. For centuries dogs and humans have enjoyed each others company. People use to spend billions on their pet dog from many years and this is increasing rapidly. For this rapid increase people use door protectors for dogs to save their dogs from any type of danger. People usually invest a hug amount to decorate their home they specially invest more money in windows, door or wood products so it comes as no surprise that they invest money in the safety of their pets.

The door protector for dogs is actually an invisible or plastic door shield which is attach with the tape or some time with screw. The door shield comes in a specific big size but it can be cut according to the length.

Advantages of Door Protector for Dogs

The door is protected from dogs by the use of door protector shields. The shields are of big size as to adjust on hug doors easily and can easily be cut according to the measurement of doors. One of the most important parts is that it is stronger enough to resist any damage from the sharp claws of dogs. As dogs are animals and they need their freedom from time to time it is no surprise that they scratch doors when they want to play outside. A door protector for dogs gives us the advantage to get rid of wasting our huge investments. It gives us the smooth texture to keep a perfect looking door. It is a transparent shield.

There are nowadays rapid use of door protector for dogs because people have pet animals specially dogs and cats and they scratch the doors to go outside or to come inside because they are not sensible enough to understand the importance and value of the goods so as they want freedom they scratch the doors with their paws so this kind of damages increases the need of door protector to save their valuables and their dog also have the freedom.

These door protectors for dogs continue to provide benefits to many dog owners. Keeping a pet in a rental home is usually not that easy. The damage caused by the pet is not welcomed by the homeowner and therefore at times you are not able to keep your pet with you. To avoid giving your pet away or leaving a good place, you can install door protector for dogs. Your landlord might accept your buddy if there are no claw marks on his doors when he shows them to the next person. The best part about door protectors for dogs is that the transparent sheet can be placed on any style and type of door. It can be placed on glass and even on wood.

In conclusion, from the above we see that the door protectors are very important for the people who are animal lovers and want to keep pets in their home. So door protector give them the advantage to get rid of the scratches and the problems caused by the pet animals and to happily enjoy the company of the dogs.

Door Knob Plates

Door Knob PlatesDoor knob plates act as a support for various kinds of door knobs. Without these door knob plates, a door knob cannot be installed, as these plates help in supporting the different kinds of door handles and door knobs be it in your bedroom, bathroom, front door or any other kind of handles or locks that need to be attached on your door. The door knob plates acts as a foundation so that the door lock can be affixed on it.

Currently the most popular door knob plates used in today’s homes are antique door knobs and door handles, as they add an entirely different kind of outlook to the entire door frame. Door knob plates also come in brass, metal, stainless steel, wood etc, which are easy to install and remove. Off late, even china and porcelain door knob plates are becoming a rage worldwide in many households, because of their unique style and design. So, if you are planning on installing some cool looking door knob plates for your home, then you need to

Tips On How to install door knob plates at home
1. Take the door knob plate and temporarily attach it to the door so that you can mark out the screw holes on the front door. Then using a power drill the holes on the face side of the door. Then move to the back side of the door and drill the holes again. Once you have drilled the holes to attach the door plates, you now have to drill a big hole at the side of the door using the spade bit of the power drill. This hole on the side will serve as the resting area for the bolt.
2. Now take the rectangle shaped dead bolt of the door knob and insert it inside the hole that was drilled on the side of the door, until it is flush with the door’s edge. Now screw the dead bolt in place with the power drill.
3. Take the round cylinder mechanism of the door knob and insert it through the hole created on the front of the door and inside the dead bolt locking system. Now take the keyed cylinders and insert it on the outside, then turn the lever towards the inside of the door and screw the cylinders in place with the help of the power drill.
4. Now take the felt pen and make a marking on the edge of the dead bolt. Close the door and let the dead bolt touch the door jamb. Open the door and see where the dead bolt marked the area on the door jamb. Now use the strike plate as a template and make an outline so that you can attach it permanently by chiseling a hole into the door jamb. Then using the power drill screw the strike plate firmly into the marked area on the door jamb and you are done.

Since door knob plates are the most important piece of item for any kind of door lock, make sure you choose the right kind of door knob set for your household doors. Then following the above tips you can easily install the door knob plates onto your door and you don’t have to be an expert to install it!

Door Kickplates

Door KickplatesDoor kickplates are installed to help protect the bottom section of any door that is most often used by family members, like the front and back doors of the house. You will often spot dirt, dust, shoeprints and dog marks on the bottom half of your door and that is why you need to invest in a good quality door kickplates to protect it from the above damage.
Apart from providing protection to the door, these door kickplates also enhance the overall features of the door and the surrounding frame. With so many designs, shapes and styles of these door kickplates making the rounds in the market, it becomes difficult for one to choose kickplates that are apt for their home design. But if you have chosen the right door kickplates for your home, then here are some easy tips on how to install them.

Tips on how to install door kickplates at home
1. Purchase those door kickplates that come with predrilled holes, so that you can position them on the door and make markings with a pencil.
2. Then drill pilot holes, if the door where you will be installing the kickplate is steel, so that it can accept screws.
3. Reposition the kickplate and make sure that there is at least 1 inch gap on either sides of the kickplate. Then using a power drill, start drilling the kickplate onto the steel until it completely secured in place.
Once the door kickplates are installed, you now need to concentrate on polishing them for their longevity.

Tips on how to polish door kickplates
For brass kickplates
Things required
– Spray bottle filled with dishwashing liquid
– Sponge
– Cloth
– Tooth brush
– Ammonia
– Vinegar
– Salt
– Flour

1. Take the spray bottle filled with the dishwashing liquid and spray onto the brass kickplates.
2. Then wash and clean the brass kickplates using a sponge and rinse with cool water. After rinsing, clean the kickplate well using a dry cloth.
3. Now taking a toothbrush, dip it into a small amount of ammonia and brush it over nay tarnished areas on the brass kickplate. Then wipe clean the ammonia using a damp sponge and then dry the kickplate with a cloth.
4. Make a fine paste by mixing equal amounts of salt, flour and vinegar. Apply this paste onto the kickplate with the help of a dry cloth and let the paste dry well.
5. Then using another dry cloth, buff the vinegar, salt and flour paste until the kickplate shines.

For stainless steel kickplates
Things required
– Cloth or rag
– Rubber gloves
– Metal polish
– Microfiber cloth

1. First wear the rubber gloves and then wet a piece of cloth and clean the stainless steel kickplate of any debris or dust particles.
2. Take the metal polish and pour it over the steel kickplate. Then using your gloved fingers rub the polish into the metal covering all the four corners. Let this sit for 1 minute.
3. After that wipe the kickplate clean of any polish using a microfiber cloth. Then start buffing the steel plate until it starts shining.
With these easy to do tips in hand you can now install door kickplates for all the rooms in your home; and also maintain and sparkle them for many years with these simple polishing tips!

Door Kick Plate

Door Kick PlateA door kick plate is used to protect the exterior portion of the door from scratches, dust and dirty shoe prints, which occur when someone kicks the door, open with their legs. The door kick plate comes in a variety of styles that range from plain finished metal to polished brass and also in a number of colors to match the color of your door. This door kick plate also adds an elegant and sophisticated look to the overall exterior of the door.

The door kick plate is usually installed at the bottom part of all exterior doors that are used by everybody, such as the main front and back doors of the house. The door kick plate comes in three options that you can choose from, such as screw-in, glue-on and magnetic mounts. Here are some tips on how to choose the best door kick plate for your house.

Tips On How To Choose Door Kick Plate For Your Home

1. Using a measuring tape, measure the width of the door on which you want to install a door kick plate. Once you’ve taken down measurement you will need to search or order a kick plate that is 2 inches smaller, so that when you finally install it on the exterior part of your door there will be 1 inch gap on either side. A standard door kick plate measures about 6 – 8 inches in height.
2. Choose a door kick plate according to the material of your door. For example, if you have a wooden door, then it ideal to purchase a screw-in or glue-on door kick plates. If you have a metal door then choose a magnetic kick plate mount. If the magnetic kick plates fall off especially in the case of stainless steel doors, then you can always opt for screw-in or a strong glue-on door kick plate.
3. When purchasing or ordering door kick plates, choose them based on the color of the door panel, hinges, door lock or according to the interiors of the house. The door kick plates should not look out of place after installing it.

Tips On How To Install

Screw-in door kick plates

1. Using an all-purpose cleaning solution, remove any dust or dirt particles from the door.
2. Measure and mark _ inch from the bottom and 1 inch from the right and left sides of the door panel using a pencil.
3. Place the screw-in kick plate on the door and make a mark of the holes onto the door. Then using a power drill, drill holes on all 4 marked points and screw the kick plate securely on the door.

Glue-on door kick plates

1. Clean the door of any debris and dirt using an all purpose cleaning solution. Then measure and mark _ inch from the bottom and 1 inch from the right and left sides of the door panel.
2. Place the door kick on a rag and using a construction adhesive, apply a generous amount of the glue onto the back portion of the plate. Once done, carefully position the glue-on kick plate into the measured area and tap it until it is secured. Wipe off any excess glue from the sides of the plate.

Magnetic door kick plates

1. Clean the door of any dirt or dust particles. Then measure and mark a _ inch from the bottom and 1 inch from the right and left sides of the door panel.
2. Position the magnetic door kick plate onto the stainless steel door and hold it there until it is stuck firmly in place.

These tips will help you in choosing and installing the best door kick plates from a range of different styles and colors to enhance the features of your door and at the same time protect it from scratches, dirty shoeprints, dust particles and the likes. So head over to a furniture showroom and purchase any one of the above kick plate mounts to make it appear elegant and classy!

Decorative Door Pulls

Decorative Door PullsWe all have metal door pulls in our homes but most of us never thought of having decorative door pulls. We can spruce up our bedroom, kitchen and bathroom simply by embellishing plain door pulls. Ribbons, beads and paints can be used to have decorative door pulls. These craft supplies can vary in color according to the color of walls or interior decoration of a specific room. The techniques of altering decorative door pulls can change designs to match our moods, specific holiday or seasons. This article will guide how one can decorate door pulls according to country, contemporary, eclectic or classic decorating style.

First of all get a screw driver to remove door pulls from the doors. Simply loosen their screws from the inside of the doors. Now place the screws in one place so they do not get misplaced. To work on embellished door pulls, cover the work surface using old newspapers, plastic sheet or scrap paper; since you will be using paints and adhesives that can damage the floor as well as the door.

Get acrylic paint to change color of door pulls. Make sure you apply two coats. You can add colored metallic finish simply by buffing. Color it with copper, silver or gold so the color changes entirely. Now apply a varnish layer to seal the color you have applied. This will prevent new color from scratches or flaking.

Add layer of good and clear micro beads. The decorative door pulls will sparkle up. This can be done by painting a very light liquid adhesive coat on the door pulls. Now, press the door pull metal in shallow dish which is filled with glass micro beads. Once the layer of metal has got covered with the micro beads, you will also seal it with varnish layer.

Purchase a 24 gauge craft wire. Wrap it around the door pull handle to create a unique dimensional decoration. Curl it in a very decorative flourish on every side of hardware. Gradually thread the glass beads; they should co-ordinate with the d

Door Edge Trim

Door Edge TrimMany people are looking for the door edge trim that they can install in the edges of their car doors. There are many reasons why. The thing is that there are just so many different kinds of advantages that the door edge trim can bring. Of course, many people would want to get those installed on their cars and this is why more and more people are doing it.

A door edge trim is basically a provision that is installed at the edges of the car doors. There are also door edge trim that can be installed at the edges of the doors of the home. The thing is that there are just so many different kinds of provisions that can be installed to ensure that more and more people will be able to get the many different advantages and benefits of the door edge trim. This is why more and more people are able to enjoy their door edge trim as they are guaranteed safety and security from harm.

Many love the door edge trim because they can be trendy decorations as well. The door edge trim comes in many different shapes, styles, and designs. This being said, more and more people will be able to enjoy the looks that they can pull off with the door edge trim. This way, more and more people will be able to ensure safety and security without having to worry about the aesthetics of their cars or homes.

The main task of every door edge trim is to ensure that the edges of the doors will be able to prevent getting dents. The door edges will ensure that more and more people will be able to rest assured that their doors are safe from getting dents which leads to weakening them. This way, more and more people will be able to guarantee that their doors are safe and the people that use those doors will be safe as well. This is how great these door edges are. This is why more and more people are able to enjoy the many different things that the door edges bring.

The best thing about the door edges is that, well, they protect the doors and the people as well. There are many different kinds of door edges that people can choose from and this being said, more and more people are happy that they will have safety precautionary measures that works two ways. This way, they will not have to worry about their doors suffering wear and tear quickly. This way, more and more people will be able to make sure that they will be able to get all the benefits and advantages of having installed these door edges. Plus, being able to install these door edges will give the people the confidence that they are able to install safety precautions that will also enhance the aesthetic part of the doors. This is why more and more people are making sure that they are able to get the best door edges that are available.