Door Knob Plates

Door Knob PlatesDoor knob plates act as a support for various kinds of door knobs. Without these door knob plates, a door knob cannot be installed, as these plates help in supporting the different kinds of door handles and door knobs be it in your bedroom, bathroom, front door or any other kind of handles or locks that need to be attached on your door. The door knob plates acts as a foundation so that the door lock can be affixed on it.

Currently the most popular door knob plates used in today’s homes are antique door knobs and door handles, as they add an entirely different kind of outlook to the entire door frame. Door knob plates also come in brass, metal, stainless steel, wood etc, which are easy to install and remove. Off late, even china and porcelain door knob plates are becoming a rage worldwide in many households, because of their unique style and design. So, if you are planning on installing some cool looking door knob plates for your home, then you need to

Tips On How to install door knob plates at home
1. Take the door knob plate and temporarily attach it to the door so that you can mark out the screw holes on the front door. Then using a power drill the holes on the face side of the door. Then move to the back side of the door and drill the holes again. Once you have drilled the holes to attach the door plates, you now have to drill a big hole at the side of the door using the spade bit of the power drill. This hole on the side will serve as the resting area for the bolt.
2. Now take the rectangle shaped dead bolt of the door knob and insert it inside the hole that was drilled on the side of the door, until it is flush with the door’s edge. Now screw the dead bolt in place with the power drill.
3. Take the round cylinder mechanism of the door knob and insert it through the hole created on the front of the door and inside the dead bolt locking system. Now take the keyed cylinders and insert it on the outside, then turn the lever towards the inside of the door and screw the cylinders in place with the help of the power drill.
4. Now take the felt pen and make a marking on the edge of the dead bolt. Close the door and let the dead bolt touch the door jamb. Open the door and see where the dead bolt marked the area on the door jamb. Now use the strike plate as a template and make an outline so that you can attach it permanently by chiseling a hole into the door jamb. Then using the power drill screw the strike plate firmly into the marked area on the door jamb and you are done.

Since door knob plates are the most important piece of item for any kind of door lock, make sure you choose the right kind of door knob set for your household doors. Then following the above tips you can easily install the door knob plates onto your door and you don’t have to be an expert to install it!