Door Kick Plates

Door Kick PlatesWhen you reach home with both hands full of groceries, all you can think about is shoving the door with your foot. But if you have a beautiful rose wood door, you will think twice before doing this and will eventually try to push the door with your elbows or your back. You can avoid this hazel by getting a door kick plate for your door which will permit you to go ahead and kick open the door without worrying much about the door getting footprints on it. The door kick plates are really useful even in non residential buildings. Almost all hospitals will have door kick plates on the doors to ensure that the door is protected from the wheelchair footrests. These are almost a must in all school doors as kids are used to using all parts of their body to open a door.

There are numerous other uses for the door kick plates as well. Some of the door kick plates can be used to protect the upper part of the door as well. The plates can be affixed to the door before attaching the door handle. This will ensure that the surface below the handle will not get any ugly stains due to repeated use. The plates can also be affixed vertically at the free end of the door and can be used to push open the door sans the handle. Several people find it very useful to attach the plates on the inner surface of the bathroom doors which will ensure that the lower part of the door does not get wet. These can also be used on walls when you intend to protect the walls from the back rest of a chair or any other furniture.

There are numerous kinds of door kick plates available in the market. There are several variations which you can just stick on to the door without the use of screws. There are also some which can be fastened on to the door with the help of clamps. One thing that you will have to keep in mind while selecting the door kick plates is the dimensions of the door. You will also have to ensure that you select the right kind of material. The most common door kick plates are made up of stainless steel. They generally come in the gauge range of 16 to 18 and will not pose a problem in shutting the door completely. This is a very good option considering the fact that they are very durable and can be cleaned very easily. There are also several bronze and nickel plates which will go very well with wooden doors.
There are also several vinyl door kick plates which are extremely thin and will not look odd. You can select from a wide variety of colours to ensure that they blend well with the colour of the door. These come in the thickness range of 0.04 inch to 0.06 inch are come in multiple colours and in various mounting options. With a plethora of options to choose from, you will never have to worry about ruining the look of the door as the plates might just enhance the appearance of the door and retain its quality for a much longer period.