Spring Organizing with Peg Boards

Though the weather hasn’t been typical, spring has officially sprung and it’s time to consider organizing those over-crowded closets you’ve been avoiding! One of the most versatile ways to organize virtually any space is using pegboards.

Nuts and bolts storage at work bench

One of the greatest benefits of using a pegboard to organize a space is the ability to completely redesign its use by adding organizational accessories. Whether you’re looking to organize tools in a shed, create a retail display on a budget, thread in a sewing room, or craft supplies in a kids closet, there are a wide variety of bars, hooks, boxes, and cubbies that can be attached in any orientation on any size board. 

Organizing with peg boards in garage or craft room

Koffler Sales has a wide variety of pegboards available, depending on your intended use, in several different materials, such as diamond plate metal pegboards, plastic pegboards (UVA safe) and hardboard pegboards. Additionally, Koffler Sales has multiple hook and basket types you can attach to your board for the greatest organizational benefit. With pegboards, you can change how everything is organized easily and without damaging walls. 

Retail tool display on diamond plate pegboards

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DIY Projects With Dad For Father’s Day

We’d like to wish all of the Dads (and male role models) out there a Happy Father’s Day. If you are looking for a unique gift, consider a DIY project you can complete together. Chances are, there are a few things he would like to tackle around his house and an extra set of hands will be appreciated. Plus, he likely would rather have the bonding time with you than a gift card to a restaurant.

Garage specialty flooring by Congoleum ZoN vinyl flooringIf your dad likes to fix up cars, consider helping him fix up his garage. Projects can include adding flooring that is easier to keep clean like vinyl flooring by Congoleum, adding Wall Guard Car Door Cushion Protection, or installing a Diamond Plate Parking Spot to help keep his garage organized.

Likewise, if Dad loves working with his hands in a shop, help him get everything organized by adding pegboards to the walls and installing storage cabinets in his craft space. This will help him keep his tools safe and in place, so he can enjoy his DIY projects more year round.

Premixed grout ready to use easy installation

Does your father wants an updated kitchen or bathroom for Father’s Day, consider installing new tile together. Mapei has Flexcolor CQ Ready To Use Grout that is premixed and easy to apply. Don’t forget primer and sealer to ensure your handiwork lasts a long time.

For a dad who is athletic, consider installing sports-grade flooring and mats in a mud room or exercise area. KSC Sport Floor Mats protect floors from dropped weights, spiked shoes and ice skate blades. It’s does not need to be permanently installed to work either.

Did you know that KofflerSales.com was founded by a father and son team? Read our story here.

Clever Ways to Hack Wall and Floor Protection Supplies

Every month, Koffler Sales accepts photo entries of completed projects using the products we sell for as part of a customer appreciation giveaway. We are continuously blown away by the clever ways to hack wall and floor protection supplies. While many of the product photos on our website show uses for hospitals, schools and factories, our customers come up with clever hacks for their own products like hula hoops, Kegerators, kitchen remodels and even raising goats!

Charlie and Mylo

One of our customers manufactures the pupRUNNER, a carrier for your pets so they can join you for family walks or an after work run. They use our Non-Slip Grip Tape to ensure that pets can stay on safely.







Cool game table ideas DIY

In preparation for his daughter going away to college at University of Virginia, one proud dad (and KofflerSales.com customer) used our orange Reflection Tape behind LED tube lighting to amplify the orange color. Without a doubt, his daughter will love her game table while away for school!






Non slip grip tape for farms and livestock workers

This was definitely a first for us: One Koffler customer used our Non-Slip Tape to create a ramp structure for her goats to play on.





Red and black kitchen renovation with Diamond Plate Sheet DIY

Instead of spending an arm and a leg for marble or custom tile, one smart and thrifty customer used our Stainless Steel Diamond Plate material to create a trendy custom kitchen.





Which project is your favorite? 

Remember, when you purchase from Koffler Sales, please send us a picture of your completed project. You could win a $100 Visa gift card!

Build the Ultimate Man Cave

Do you want to wow your friends the next time you invite them over to watch the game? Consider stepping up your hang out space to the Ultimate Man Cave. Whether you want to add some personalization to your basement or garage, Koffler Sales has you covered with inexpensive, DIY decor ideas that can turn any space into one you’re proud of.

Diamond Plate Checker Tile Make any space feel like a luxury car show room with Interlocking Diamond Plate Tiles. Easy to install, these interlocking tiles simply snap together and are removable/reusable if you want to use them again in another space.

Interlocking Diamond Plate Tiles are easy to clean, and they can be assembled in a variety of patterns as well.

If you and your friends always seem to have a craft beer in hand when you get together, think about putting in a bar with refrigerator and a place for your Kegerator. UltiMATE® Garage Office Storage Cabinets can be customized to create a back bar to store glassware, bar tools, and more. Consider a Magnetic Panel for an inexpensive, industrial-cool backsplash that can be easily customized. Add photos and magnets from your favorite sports teams or store hot sauce in a magnetic organizer.

Are you a service member? Proudly display a flag for the U.S. Marines, Army, NOfficial Marines Flagavy, Air Force, or Coast Guard.

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7 Tips for Selling Your Home

Tips for Selling Your Home For many homeowners, the spring is the beginning of the real estate season. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market this year, be sure to follow our 7 tips for selling your home to save money and time.

Get your home ready to sell:

1. If you have carpet, get it professionally cleaned and then lay our Carpet Film Plastic Protection over all carpeted areas, so it stays clean despite all of the foot traffic that comes with showing your home. For less than $100, you can ensure your floors are ready to show at a moment’s notice!

2. Add an Exterior Mat to your entrance. It not only looks more welcoming, but it will help prevent potential buyers dragging leaves and other debris into your home.

3. If your dining room lacks interest or drama, consider installing Chair Rail Trim to your walls. It will make your home’s interior appear more custom, in addition to preventing wall damage caused by dining room chairs. The Millwork Collection by Johnsonite is more affordable and durable than wood alternatives.

Diamond Plate Checker Tile

4. Buyers don’t like to see a stained, dirty garage but they often do. Have your property stand out in a good way by installing Diamond Plate Floor Tiles in your garage — it will become a “gear-head’s” dream. It will also showcase the space as super functional, since it can be both a garage and the ultimate man cave! Interlocking Diamond Plate Floor Tiles are easy to install and cost less than $5/square foot.

5. If your home has a patio that appears worn, consider resurfacing it yourself with Chemsol Anti Slip Coating. Hide wear and tear, while adding design flair like a hue like Tile Red to your backyard. Buyers will love your patio’s rejuvenated look, in addition to it being an added safety feature.

Peg Board Craft Room Ideas

6. Buyers are turned off by clutter, so make sure your home is clean and organized. By adding Peg Boards to craft, office and garage areas, you’ll impress buyers with how much additional storage space your home offers.

7. Add curb appeal with fresh landscaping and a new American Flag displayed off a porch. An American flag will add visual interest and bring some color to the front of your home, without offending would-be buyers.



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Diamond Plate Tonneau Cover

Diamond Plate Tonneau CoverMore trucks these days are seen with a diamond plate tonneau cover. The thing is that there are just so many people who have trucks these days as well as they know that they will be able to get quite a lot of benefits from it. This being said, more and more people are able to install the diamond plate tonneau cover on their trucks to be able to get the many different benefits that the diamond plate tonneau cover can bring to them.

There are many people who own trucks these days. However, not many of them are able to have safety precautionary measures installed. Well, the diamond plate tonneau cover is a cover and a safety measure in one. It is basically a hard cover for the back of the truck so as to ensure that no matter what weather it may be, the contents of the pickup will not be affected. Sometimes, people use soft covers for the back of their pickup trucks. But then again, when the weather is harsh and the back is filled with sensitive things it is best to have something strong to protect it. This is why more and more people use diamond plate tonneau cover. The diamond plate tonneau cover will make sure that no matter how hard it rains, the contents of the pickup will not have to be affected. No matter how soft the contents of the pickup may be, people can be sure that they won’t be affected and hurt. This is how important the diamond plate tonneau cover is. This is why more and more people who own trucks are looking for the best diamond plate tonneau cover that they can get.

Another great thing about the diamond plate tonneau cover is that the owners of the truck will be able to make sure that they are not going to be prone to robberies. Sometimes, when pickup trucks have soft covers, they are prone to getting into robberies and the like. With soft covers, it will be easy for people to get access to the contents of the pickup truck no matter how much they are fastened. With the diamond plate tonneau cover, on the other hand, the owners of the truck can easily be able to fasten them well and this will ensure that the pickup will not be able to get access easily. This is why more and more people are getting their tonneau covers these days.

Safety and security are two reasons why more and more people are into tonneau covers. There are many different types and classes of tonneau covers, really. However, all of them will be showcasing the many different kinds of benefits and advantages those each other one will have. This is the main reason why more and more people are getting them. Of course, everyone wants to make sure that their things and other belongings that are stocked at the back of the pickup will be safe and secure at all times.

Diamond Plate Steel Sheets

Diamond Plate Steel SheetsDiamond plate steel sheets also known as Durbar floor plate, checker or tread plate. It is a kind of a light weight metal which has a consistent as well as a regular pattern. This pattern is made of raised diamonds/lines emerging from one side. For the purpose of different economic status of the world’s population, Diamond plate steel sheets are made from a number of metallic materials ranging stainless steel, aluminum as well as steel among others.

Diamond plate steel sheets are made from an industrial process known as hot rolling. Modern manufacturers however make both pressed and raised diamond designs. It is used on catwalks and stairs of buildings as well as most industrial floors. It is also used in the manufacture of the floors of heavy commercial vehicles as well as on fire trucks, particularly on the foot plates. On polished aluminum surfaces, these plates may be used for aesthetic and decorative purposes to improve the appearance of an area.

Diamond plate steel sheets play a number of functions in commercial as well as industrial areas. In Industrial areas, these plates are used to make industrial floors, stair cases as well as industrial walls. One particular reason for their application in industries is the fact that these plates have a high tenacity; this is the ability to withstand breakage.

Diamond plate steel sheets are also used for aesthetic purposes, this implies that they can be used to decorate, improve the beauty and appearance of a place. The end objective of improving the beauty of a place is making the place more attractive and user friendly.

Diamond plate steel sheets have a number of advantages as well as disadvantages; the first advantage is that it is durable. These plates can stay for a relatively long time before being replaced. This means that compared to other plates like those made of iron, Diamond plate steel sheets provide a cheaper option for the users by being pocket friendly. Another advantage is that these plates are strong and have high levels of tenacity that guarantees safety in industrial places as well as all other areas these plates are used. Diamond plate steel sheets when used for aesthetic as well as decoration purposes make a place attractive and user friendly. They also act as anti skid by providing additional friction. Safety experts would thus support the use of Diamond plate steel sheets.

Diamond plate steel sheets have the following disadvantages, they are not pocket friendly, these plates are often expensive for the first time buyers. Many consider their price as not being friendly. Conventionally, that is same with most metallic plates. Their installation as well may require a relatively high skilled staff making it more costly.

However, when it comes to putting their usage into practice, most commercial business and industrial owners do recommend Diamond plate steel sheets as being a global brand.

Diamond Plate Background

Diamond Plate BackgroundDiamonds are arrived from carbon, the natural resource by coal and pencil lead is made from the same coal. Diamonds are the most alluring components of hardness, rarity and brilliance. Diamond plate background is made from light metal with the pattern of built diamond or a line one side. It is also known as Dubar floor plate, Checker plate and Tread plate. Diamond plate background is usually made up of steel, stainless steel or aluminum. It is used on stairs and catwalk because it decreases the risk of slipping. It is used in the internal of the ambulance and in the fire trucks and can be used in decorative and in construction purpose.

Diamond plate background is a pattern of metal that is of skinny diamond, textured, rose over the surface. It commonly contain of a blend of aluminum or steel. People usually this type of material on floors to make it slip resistance, or in the interior of vehicle. To give a new look to your house people used it in constructive and in decorative purpose and give it an urban look.

Making diamond plate backgrounds is not difficult for professionals. The unique design for diamond plate backgrounds is brought to life with stencils, paints and airbrushes. Certain airbrushes techniques are simply learned and it can be done by advance method like diamond plating. Companies that make diamond plate backgrounds have to work with blacksmiths who have mastered the art and can use the various tools and machines to make the plates easily.

Diamond plate background in aluminum is made with painted aluminum sheet and with diamond plate tread pattern that are used as auto building in the construction and transportation industries and antiskid plates in ship . The benefits of using diamond aluminum plate in place of the steel plates for antiskid is open, they are good for rusting and lighter and can be used for years and contain high value after being change. It is easy to weld and machine.

Diamond plate metal flooring is rougher and sturdy than clay, ceramics and porcelain tiles. It is used presently in shops, kitchen, garb ages, retail space, industrial and many more places. It is a flooring material for heavy objects examples utensils and tools dropped upon the floor. This floor raises the surface functionally. It is anti slip and rough that’s why it is demanded more because people can walk easily. It is affordable and durable and visual appeal. No other kind of flooring can match diamond plate flooring. It is great for cars and other vehicles because of these and other qualities. Diamond plate backgrounds allow you to clean massive containers with ease and without much effort. You can easily wash the dirt and stains. The best part is that drying up does not take much time making diamond plate background extremely convenient and highly sought-after by many trucking companies.

Diamond plate backgrounds are also used in rocker panels. The rocket panel removes lot of water, mud, grime, dirt and snow.

Aluminum Diamond Plate

Aluminum Diamond PlateAluminum diamond plate is one of the most widely used metals in most industrial applications. Both aluminum and zinc are natural elements which are extracted from different natural stones found within the earth’s surface. Aluminum is a group 13 element which is silvery white, ductile and is also very soft. It is one of the most abundant metals in the earth’s surface. It’s a very precious metal. It can also be used to make different alloys which also have superior characteristics.
On the other hand, diamond is popularly known for its hard nature which makes it suitable for various industrial applications. It is mostly used to cut other metals through drilling. Other than this, it’s also used to make a wide range of jewelry which are some of the most common high end ornaments in the world. It is made of carbon atoms and it falls in the same category with graphite although it is less stable as compared to graphite.

There are very many types of aluminum diamond metals available in the world today which is used for various purposes. Some examples of aluminum diamond plates include the3003-H2 aluminum diamond plate and the 6061-T6 aluminum diamond plate. The 3003-H2 are known for their lustrous surfaces and the ability to be used for various fabrication purposes. On the other hand, the 6061-T6 are also known for their corrosion resistance ability, durability and their strength.

Aluminum diamond plates are used to make vary many products. These include truck bumpers and tools bins amongst other equipment.
These plates are normally characterized with studded surface which is brought about by the diamond and therefore it calls for a lot of techniques while cleaning these plates’ surfaces. This is the only challenge when it comes to cleaning of aluminum diamond plate.

But how can one clean and maintain aluminum diamond plates? Never use a piece of cloths to scrub the surface of these plates as it will only wear out with a very short period of time. The best way to clean these surfaces is to use phosphoric acids. But this should only be done after doing some simple tests to ensure that the acid does not cause any damage to the metal. This kind of treatment should only be done on a purely diamond plate as it may affect the color. This procedure should be finalized by polishing the surface with a metal polish.

This is also an important step when it comes to restoring the plate surface from any form of discoloration which can make the aluminum diamond surface to lose its lustrous properties making it not to be appealing to the eye.
As much as these everyone would wish to have products made from aluminum diamond plates, it also comes with some additional costs and caution should also be taken as one may end up purchasing a metal which may only contain the alloy of these metals. Always go for the pure form of the aluminum zinc plate materials.

Aluminum Diamond Plate Angle

Aluminum Diamond Plate AngleAs the name suggests an aluminum diamond plate with angle is a piece of lightweight metal that is basically made from aluminum, while other diamond plates are made from steel and stainless steel. The ‘diamond’ part accounts for the fact that the plate is fashioned in a diamond-shaped pattern.

Diamond plates are used to create stairs and catwalks in industrial settings, as well as elevators. Quite often diamond plates are also used inside ambulances and on firetrucks’ footplates. They can run straight in order to be applied across the main area that you whish to cover, or have an angle. An aluminum diamond plate with angle is then used to cover the corners or it is sometimes used for decorative reasons. The obvious question here is: why? Why would anyone use an aluminum diamond plate and an aluminum diamond plate with angle? The first reason is protection. The diamond design on those plates, where the diamond extends above the main surface the plate (it is not carved on it), makes it very hard to slip when walking on it; thus it reduces the number of accidents that can happen, especially in industrial sites where workers have to carry heavy tool kits on their person and also carry heavy loads from one place to another. Even if the plate becomes wet, it still won’t be enough for someone to slip, since one’s shoe essentially steps on the aluminum diamonds on its surface, which provide excellent foot support. The second reason to choose diamond plates that are made from aluminum specifically, is because aluminum is a strong and endurable material that does not rust out, while being relatively cheap at the same time. It is essentially what we call a buy that is value-for-money, given that it will both do the job it is intended to do and it also has a good life expectancy. Additionally, aluminum diamond plates and aluminum diamond plates with angle have the advantage that they can be manipulated with ease. Given, of course, that you have the proper equipment, you can either bend or cut the plates so that they fit exactly where you want them, without compromising the material’s strength and durability. Keep in mind, however, that even if you have the necessary equipment, this is definitely something that you cannot do without the respective know-how and some prior experience.

Nevertheless there is no need to buy fancy equipment and experiment with aluminum bending and cutting (it is better to leave this to the professional), when you can probably find exactly what you want with a simple search through the various online stores that sell aluminum diamond plates and aluminum diamond plates with angle. Diamond plates are available in different sizes: from 1 ft x 1 ft (length x width) and 2 ft x 2ft, up to 6 ft x 10 ft and 8 ft to 12 ft, while there is also the option of ordering them in custom sizes (needless to say of course that this option will be a bit more costly). As for thickness aluminum diamond plates and aluminum diamond plates with angle range from 0.063 inches up to 0.250 without including the diamonds. Take out your measuring tape and order yours now.