Decorative Paper

Decorative PaperA decorative paper is one of the widely used types of papers in various types of craft work. It can be used to achieve various types of designs to suit specific occasions be it during weddings or public holydays. This is due to the fact that it can easily be manipulated with a lot of ease. Most decorative papers available in the market are soft to an extent that they can easily de cut even with the simplest tools such as razor blades to form the required design. They can be hand or mold made depending on the manufacturer. In most cases, they are also used to achieve different patterns and a better finishing texture which is totally different from the parent materials.

Most Middle East countries are known to produce the best decorative papers. These include countries such as India and China since they mostly practice craftwork. However, this is not just limited to Middle East countries as countries such as Mexico is also producing good decorative papers.

These papers are made from different products and from different parts of the world and hence different names as some papers possess similar qualities but different names.

Here are some of the most commonly used decorative papers in the modern craft work. They have different qualities for very unique end results.
Thai papers; these are very common types of decorative papers. They are mainly made from the base pulp of either mulberry or kozo. These papers are popularly known for their durability and strength and therefore they are widely used for making card and books. These is attributed to the primary raw material used to make these has very long and strong fibers. These papers are also embossed to obtain various textures.

Papyrus papers; this is one of the oldest papers whose origin is traced back to the roman times. One of the most popularly used type of papyrus paper is the handmade papyrus paper which is also known to have good strength just as the Thai papers. Presently, there exist machine made papyrus papers which is not very much different from the handmade although they are uniform.
Nepalese papers; these papers are made from Lokta bush. Although making these types of papers may take a relatively longer period of time, the end product is always very efficient when it comes to design work. It is an example of decorative paper which can retain its shape when bent.

Bark papers; these papers are made various types of plants which include fig plant and ficus plants. They come in a wide range of colors and textures which makes it suitable for very many design work. This is a good example of a decorative paper made in Mexico. They are handmade.

These are just a few examples of the commonly used decorative papers, there are very many other types used for different purposes.

While choosing a decorative paper, it is very important to consider its ability to retain all that has been drawn on it, its strength and the overall quality of the paper.