Decorative Door Pulls

Decorative Door PullsWe all have metal door pulls in our homes but most of us never thought of having decorative door pulls. We can spruce up our bedroom, kitchen and bathroom simply by embellishing plain door pulls. Ribbons, beads and paints can be used to have decorative door pulls. These craft supplies can vary in color according to the color of walls or interior decoration of a specific room. The techniques of altering decorative door pulls can change designs to match our moods, specific holiday or seasons. This article will guide how one can decorate door pulls according to country, contemporary, eclectic or classic decorating style.

First of all get a screw driver to remove door pulls from the doors. Simply loosen their screws from the inside of the doors. Now place the screws in one place so they do not get misplaced. To work on embellished door pulls, cover the work surface using old newspapers, plastic sheet or scrap paper; since you will be using paints and adhesives that can damage the floor as well as the door.

Get acrylic paint to change color of door pulls. Make sure you apply two coats. You can add colored metallic finish simply by buffing. Color it with copper, silver or gold so the color changes entirely. Now apply a varnish layer to seal the color you have applied. This will prevent new color from scratches or flaking.

Add layer of good and clear micro beads. The decorative door pulls will sparkle up. This can be done by painting a very light liquid adhesive coat on the door pulls. Now, press the door pull metal in shallow dish which is filled with glass micro beads. Once the layer of metal has got covered with the micro beads, you will also seal it with varnish layer.

Purchase a 24 gauge craft wire. Wrap it around the door pull handle to create a unique dimensional decoration. Curl it in a very decorative flourish on every side of hardware. Gradually thread the glass beads; they should co-ordinate with the d