Decorative Brass Corner Guards

Decorative Brass Corner GuardsCorner guards are small pieces of material that are applied on the corners of objects or walls in order to protect them from hits and bumps. As far as decorative brass corner guards goes, however, their main role is to make the item (on which they are applied) look more beautiful.

The material that is used to make decorative brass corner guards (namely brass) is a metallic solid solution that is composed of copper and zinc; and the different proportions of those two metallic chemical elements is what accounts for the difference of brasses with respect to their appearance and with respect to their properties. Brass can sometimes resemble the appearance of gold (maybe a little darker shade), but it can also look sometimes like a light, bright yellow, while other it might be darker and reddish in color. Keep in mind also that the more an object made from brass is allowed to weather (meaning exposure to oxygen, atmospheric gases, as well as moisture), the more it will turn into a deeper brown color. In fact, there are cases where this brownish coating is added artificially through a certain chemical process.

As you can understand, when the time comes for you to choose what decorative brass corner guards to buy, it won’t be an easy decision. First of all, you are gonna have to find the proper size. Take your measuring tape and measure exactly the corner that you wish to cover; make sure to double check in order to avoid any mistakes that could cause unnecessary frustration. Once you know the proper size for your decorative brass corner guards, there are many decisions to be made with respect to the ‘decorative’ part. In terms of color alone, you will have four basic options, as well as many variations of those shades to choose from. Add to that the different layouts and the different designs on those layouts, and your decision will almost seem an impossible one. For instance: do you want a set of simple, flat decorative brass corner guards, or do you want one where the corned guards are carved and have smoother edges? The choice ultimately depends on a combination of three criteria. The first has to do with the object that you intend to install those decorative brass corner guards. Is it large like a table, or small like a box? More specifically, is it a new metallic or a glass table, or is it an old wooden box? The second criterion has to do with the surrounding environment and the d