Cp Window Films

Cp Window Films CP window films are films that affix to the interior of windows to provide different kinds of protection. Depending on the style of film that is bought, window films can help block UV light, protect windows from breaking, or enhance home or office privacy. Smaller sizes of film can also be used in boats and RV windows. Because they are not permanently installed, window films are a great option for home or apartment renters, or for those who lease office space in a building.

Solar blocking films are a great way to help prevent UV fading of carpets and furniture, plus they provide some temperature control, which any homeowner or business will love. Tenants will have more even temperatures throughout the office, so workers positioned by the windows will not feel overheated and those seated away from the windows will not be too cold. Films help reduce utility costs, since air conditioners will not have to run as much. Also, window films help employees who sit near windows, since they will not have to worry about ultraviolet light harming their health.

Decorative CP window films for home use can filter out some light for an attractive decorative touch, or filter out a lot of light to reduce the amount of heat that comes into a room. Some give the appearance of rice paper or glass etching to windows, making them a lovely but still temporary way to decorate a room. When the homeowner is ready to redecorate, simply peel off the film and install a different one.

Some CP window films provide tensile protection for windows in areas that face extreme weather such as tornadoes or hurricanes. Glass does not shatter as violently and cause harm to residents from the shards flying in when the films are in place. The same films help deter criminals for the same reason – it is not as easy for the crook to break the glass and enter the home.

Window films are a great idea to provide privacy, particularly for windows on or near entry doors and bathroom windows. Clear glass lets criminals see inside and see what a homeowner has, but a textured or opaque window film blocks outsiders from looking in.

CP window films are available in a variety of sizes, and are relatively straight forward to install. Many users recommend using two people to do the installation, particularly on a larger window. Separate kits are available which help make installation easier. The kits include a cutting tool, a squeegee, an application solution, and a lint-free cloth for end of installation clean up. Films should not be installed on windows that are already textured, since they will not adhere well. It is also not a good idea to install window films on plastic or plexiglass windows. Also, home and business window films are not designed for use on car windows, and therefore should not be installed on them.

CP window films are not thick so they will not interfere with window operation, leaving homeowners able to open their windows and enjoy cooling breezes. Window films in general provide an affordable, elegant solution to a number of concerns.