Cove Base Tile

Cove Base TileCove base tile is an alternative to vinyl, wood and other kinds of base. It adds finishing and an overall neat appearance to any project. Cove base tile provides watertight seal in between the base and the floor. Therefore it becomes easy to protect and clean the substrate. We can sue similar methods for grouting cove base tile and ceramic tile. In order to achieve professional results, we should first paint walls and then do grouting of cove base tile. This article will guide how one can grout tile cove base effectively and in less possible time.

First of all fill clean water in a bucket. Now pour grout in other bucket. Make sure you do not mix a lot of grout because at times it becomes difficult to handle higher quantity of grout. Usually one third of grout is enough to fulfill the job but the quantity can vary according to the required task.

Now add water to grout and thoroughly mix it. Make sure you use margin trowel. You must have seen peanut butter in creamy form; bring the exactly same consistency in the mixture of water and grout. Get grout float for working the material in joints. Fill the joints completely. Start working in small sections and try to start from the section that it located far from the door. In this way you will be able to stay away from the areas that have been freshly grouted.

Using margin trowel will allow you to cut back edges and corners where base meets walls and floors. Thick joints of grout can be eliminated in this way, especially from seams and corners. You will observe that you have achieved a true professional result. Give the 20 minutes to the mixture of grout and water to setup and become smooth. Climate conditions may affect the smoothness of the mixture.

Work with a damp and clean sponge to make the surface of grout joints smooth. Work in circular direction. Rinse the sponge repeatedly. Now allow the entire to dry so you can achieve desired result. If you will breathe while mixing water and grout, there is a chance of inhaling dust. Also fill a few buckets of water before you make a mixture. In this way you will not be filling buckets again and again.

Grouting cove base tile is not a difficult job as long as you follow exact instructions. All you need is a sack of grout, water, three or four buckets, margin trowel and a sponge. Make sure you work in circular directions while cleaning grout from the floor. Repeatedly clean the sponge in water. If you will start grouting cove base tile from the door, you will be stuck in the corner since the cove base tiles will be freshly grouted and will take a longer time to get dry. Make the mixture of water and grout, very consistent and not at all thick as it will form lumps in the corner and edges of the floor of cove base tile.