Cove base

Cove base

A cove base is a trim placed along the base of a wall in the interior of a house at the point where the wall meets the floor or in other words at the base of the wall. The cove base is normally applied in conjunction with vinyl flooring and protects a drywall. This means that in most cases, cove base is  made of rubber or vinyl, the main reason being that it is cheap and easier to install than that made from wood baseboards as was the case traditionally. Also, the vinyl is very simple to sterilize and therefore appropriate for places like a doctor’s office. The cove base is used to protect the wall from damage at this same point. In addition, it also gives the wall a better and more beautiful, pleasing finishing to the area where it is placed.

Cove base comes in a wide variety of colors so that they match with most of the color schemes used.  Each person prefers their interior to look like one’s lifestyle or personal preferences.  The cove base is packed in rolls of different lengths. Fixing the cove base is very simple and requires just an adhesive; however, the adhesive is one of a special type since the vinyl is unique. The other items required are a cutting tool and caulk.

After taking the measurement of the size of trim needed, the adhesive is applied at the back of the already measured trim then pressed firmly onto the wall. When it dries, the caulk is applied to the space between the molding formed and the wall in order for the joint to be sealed. This adds an aesthetic look to the side of the wall.

Before fixing the vinyl one has to consider the condition of the wall where the cove base is to be made. One has to make sure that the wall is clean and dry and has no trace of dust, dirt or oil and grease. The wall should also not have any trace of loose paint on it. A point to note is that adhesive should never be allowed to freeze or dry.

Cove base is very easy to maintain the moment when it is applied. It can easily be cleaned using just the usual household cleaner but it should be mild. When it is worn out, the cove base is very easy to repair. One only needs to reapply the adhesive and then press back against the wall and then apply the caulk. If the cove base is completely worn out, it is also easy to remove and replace with a new one following the earlier procedure.

To conclude, some examples of adhesive used to make the cove base include Power5500 and APAC750. The APAC750 for example is light in color and does not easily stain. It is also very easy to clean and apply. It holds firmly when applied into place. These are however not the only options one has to choose from.