Corner Trim Molding

Corner Trim MoldingBefore getting into detail about corner trim molding, it is important to understand what trim molding is. Trim molding is used to refer to moldings used to create more detail in the interior of a house or cover up gaps. Corner trim molding is one example of trim molding. Others include cove moldings, rope moldings and quarter round moldings. From knowing this then, corner trim molding can be defined as molding used to cover gaps in corner of a house or just for creating interesting details in the same area. Trim moldings wereused even a long time ago tracing back all the way back to the ancient Greek times. They were used for decorative purposes.

Corner Trim Molding can be classified into inside corner trim molding and outside corner molding. The difference between the two is that the inside corner molding is used to join two sheets that are at a 90 degree angle on a corner in the inside, while the outside corner trim molding is used to join sheets that are at a 90 degree angle at an outside corner. Just to be clear for better and simpler understanding, an inside corner is the normal corner of a room, where you can stand while an outside corner is one that is outside and you can easily run into it when walking by.

It is not difficult for you tomake a cornet trim molding. For the inside cornr trim molding, you need to take the measurementusing a tape measure from the corner along the wall and then use a piece of trim that is a bit longer than the measurement taken. Place the trim on the miter saw as it will be placed on the walland put edge of the board to be kept at the corner under the blade and leave about an inch past the blade. Turn the blade towards the longer end of the trim and cut. Do the sma for the wall in order got the corners are mitered the same as the intial piece at a 45 degree angle facing the longer side of the trim. When the pieces are held in place they form a seam. After this, nail them both to the wall. The procedure is just similar when it comes to the outside corner trim molding only that in this case the 45 degree angle is cut in the opposite direction as that in the inside corner trim molding and also when cutting the blade is turned away from the longer side of the trim.

Some of the amterials used to make corner trim moldings include wood.It is easy to cut and shape in whatever shape and design one requires.Wood also lasts long if it is properly maintained and painted. Another material is plaster.The plaster is also easy to mold in differentshapes and is drable. However, with time the plaster wears out due to changes in humidity. Polyutherene is also used to make trim moldings especially in this era. The molding from polyutherene are fixed on the ceilings. The moldings come in different shapes and colours. These moldings are the mst durable and very easy to maintain.