Puppy-Proof Your Home With Koffler Sales

The team at Koffler Sales loves dogs, and dogs love Koffler Sales too!

You may know our company as a leading supplier of wall and floor protection products, but Koffler Sales also offers products that can be used for puppy-proofing your home from damage.

c r u s h

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting, but it also can be challenging for pet owners. As babies, they don’t know the rules of the house yet and once they start teething — look out!

Corner-Protectors-For-Glass-imgOne Koffler customer recently left a product review for our Corner Guards. Check out his ingenious hack to stop his dogs from damaging the window sills:

Having just had all the trim in our house professionally painted, I wanted to protect our window sills where our two dogs put their feet to bark at the birds and squirrels. In our town I could not find the 2 inch and 2/1 inch corner guard I purchased from Koffler Sales Company. The product was shipped on time, the clear plastic guards were well protected with a plastic film. We love our dogs, but after spending $4200 to repaint, I wanted to protect the bottom window sills. The product exceeded my expectations in what we wanted to accomplish. Great product!!

House training a puppy can be a tiresome chore, and clean up is usually messy. Avoid staining and damaging your floors with floor protection products available from Koffler Sales.

Tips for Selling Your Home Your puppy cannot be crated 24/7, so one clever way to protect your carpets from “accidents” is to use Carpet Film Plastic Protection, starting from only $15.67/roll!

Roll the plastic carpet film over any carpets you may have in your home until your puppy is fully trained.

You can also use our Floor Protection Soft Matting by KofflerProtect, which is a padded mat with a backing designed to prevent oil, paint, and other construction site damage.

Clear-Grip-Tape-Hacks-DIY For dogs young and old who have problems climbing up the stairs, here is a clever hack: Use 3M® and KSC Bath and Shower Non Slip Tape on wooden stair treads to make them easier to grip for little furry paws. With low prices starting from only $15.26/roll, making it easier for your pooch to join you anywhere in your home has never been more affordable.

Finally, stains are prone to happen when you have a curious puppy in your home. If you need to get a stain out of ceramic, porcelain, concrete or marble tile, Mapei Ultracare Grout, Tile, Stain and Haze Remover products can be the right solution for you. These commercial-grade products are formulated to remove tough stains and refurbish existing tile and stone surfaces.

With these tips, you will be able to enjoy every second of puppyhood without worrying about protecting your home from damage. Remember, show Koffler Sales a picture of your completed project and you will be entered into our monthly drawing for a $100 Visa gift card!

Clear Plastic Corner Guards

clear plastic corner guards

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Those who have beautiful looking facilities, do so because of the precautions they take to keep it looking that way. Caring for their facility is very important to them. If you pay attention to great look facilities, you will notice that they always have admirable looking walls. Besides washing their walls, there are other things that they do to keep their walls looking splendid.

The corners of walls usually need more attention than the rest of the wall. Without protection, corners of walls will become chipped and damaged as people round the corners day after day. When people are carrying items, it is a normal occurrence for them to bump and ding the corners of walls. Nobody can stop that from happening, but the prevention of any damage happening when collisions occur can easily be prevented. Many people have chosen clear plastic corner guards to protect their walls. They are rigid, yet flexible PVC.

Clear plastic corner guards can handle the hardest bumps as they have a very high impact resistance. They have been the choice of many types of businesses. It is very common to see these clear plastic corner guards in hotels/motels, offices, commercial kitchens, shower areas and public facilities. Their use is not limited to only these types of facilities. They can protect the corners of walls no matter what type of facility someone has.

Having nice looking corner guards is important too. Those who are interested in matching their decor will be glad to know that clear plastic corner guards can be painted on the inside. having these options has made these corner guards one of the most popular. When it comes time to clean them, it is nice to know that the plastic is very easy to clean due to the smoothness of the corner guards.

Installation of the clear plastic corner guards is easy. You can install them using nails, screws, construction adhesive, or a peel and stick option. If so desired, the clear plastic corner guards come in custom lengths. Those who order clear plastic corner guards have found a permanent solution to ending wall corner damage.

Clear Wall Corner Guards

clear wall corner guard

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Tired of repairing the corners in your home or office? Would you like to keep your wall corners pristine and sharp? Then the answer is simple, use our clear wall corner guards that are not only rigid but made of a flexible p.v.c.. KofflerGuards, distributed by KSC Corner Guards, have made these low cost and easily cleaned clear wall corner guards with you in mind. This product is not only for protection, it is also very easy to install. It’s long lasting clear lexan color you will not have to worry about yellowing. All clear guards may also be painted on the inside with latex paint to match your decor whatever it may be!

This product is also very handy in shower areas where you want to protect the corners from getting soft. Clear wall corner guards have a very high resistance to damage, stains and the clean up is a snap. You can use simple cleaning products like soap and water, and the p.v.c. material makes it ultra durable.

Since most of us are not exactly handymen, KofflerGuards has made installation a breeze. No matter where you want to protect, all you need to use is one of the following methods; construction adhesive, small nails or screws or you can even use our new peel and stick option, to mount our clear wall corner guard where you need protection. With pre-drilled holes that are 2” and center offset from each end and the clear wall corner guards come in 90º and 130º to fit snugly into any corner you may have. There is a size for any job, 4’ and 8’ are the standard sizes, however you can call for custom lengths.

End corner damage, protect your corners, and do it with style. KSC Corner Guards bring you the ultra durable, ultra versatile, and ultra easy installation should be an easy choice.

Corner Wall Protectors In Clear

corner wall protectors in clear

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In homes that were built in the past ten years, the idea for homeowners of protecting certain areas from damage has become common practice. Homeowners that have pets such as dogs, know that protecting surfaces can be a welcome long term safety measure.

Corner wall protectors in clear polymer vinyl are a product that can be used in a home with hardwood or carpeted floors. When vacuuming the floor with a corner cleaning attachment, the idea for having corner wall protectors in clear is very useful to prevent damage to the corners in a room.

Another reason for having a product like this is when there are young children in the home. When toys are pushed into corners, the placement of corner wall protectors in clear is advisable where there are childhood toys being moved about. Moving furniture can be a headache when there is damage to baseboards, which is another good reason to protect corners and other low areas of a room. Here again, the installation of corner wall protectors in clear as precaution would be an advisable part of redecorating the desired room.

A family that moves into a new home will often try to find ways to protect vulnerable surface areas from being damaged. The use of corner wall protectors in clear is one way to prevent corners from being damaged. Ways to protect corners have been around for the past twenty five years, however, now in the Internet age a person can go online and create a search for the home product for a specific function in the home. Corner protectors can be searched online on the Internet with great ease all by a point and click of the mouse.

Homeowners are looking for ways to prevent damage in their homes by finding unique home products that have the function of protecting a particular area of the home. Now homeowners can look online for the products that they will need for the upkeep of their home. A search for a porduct like corner protectors can be done in minutes instead of hours in a catalog and well worth the time invested for the product research.