Be Safe Hanging Holiday Lights

It’s that time of year when everyone is decorating their homes or businesses with holiday cheer. While most people plan their lighting design and where to place decorations, not very many plan for safety. A slip or fall this time of year can really put a damper on your holiday celebrations, so use our tips for a healthy and happy holiday season!

Koffler Sales Holiday Lights Safety

Electrical cord protectorsExtension Cord Protectors help keep your electrical outlets safe. This nifty little device costs only $5 and prevents damage to electrical cords. If loose cords in a high traffic area will be a problem, we suggest you look into adding Fastlane Cable Protectors to keep your lighting display accident-free.

Always turn off the electricity at the circuit box while working with electrical wires. Just because there isn’t something plugged into the wall yet or the light switch on does not mean that there still isn’t a live current that can shock you. Take the extra 60 seconds to do things the right way – your finger tips will thank us.

Make a ladder safer with non slip tapeWhen putting up a holiday display, most will use a ladder to place decorations higher up. Make the ladder you already own safer by adding Non Slip Tape to the rungs. This simple trick will be especially useful if you are hanging decorations outside where your shoes may become slick from water on the ground.

Corner Guards are wonderful to have all year long, but they are good to have this time of year when ladders and boxes can knick or chip your wall’s corners. We recommend our peel and stick on corner guards because they are very quick, easy and safe to install.

Finally, remember to unplug as many electronic devices as you can when you are not home. Accidental fires do happen and they can be made worse when a dry Christmas tree is present. Your safety always comes first!

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Wood Corner Guards to Add Architectural Character

Corner guards in country kitchen home decorWhether you leased a blank office space or purchased a fixer upper, it’s easy to add architectural character with wood corner guards.

Available with millwork detailing, these corner guards create a custom, upscale look while preventing your walls from damage. This style of corner guard is best suited to traditional, Victorian, colonial or country chic decor. Available in red oak, hard maple, cherry and paint-grade wood, it is easy to find the right product for your space.

Consider using corner guards in your kitchen or any heavily trafficked space at home. If you own a bed and breakfast inn or hotel, you may want to install wood corner guards in the hallways to prevent property damage caused by luggage.

Adding wood corner guards to your property is also more affordable than you think, with prices ranging from $19.19 – $44.65 each.

Here is Brook’s review on our website:

I looked on other websites just saying don’t wast your time.They look great I am so happy I found them ,I ordered 3 and I am ordering 3 more for me and 3 for my daughter .VERY HAPPY.

Millwork wood corner guards for kitchen

To read more customer reviews, you can click here.

Both pictures were sent to us by real customers who are excited to show off their newly protected rooms. We love seeing reviews left by our customers as well as having them send us pictures of their completed projects. To see more Koffler customer photos, check out our board on Pinterest.

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Maintaining A Hotel

Whether your dream is to open a bed and breakfast, trendy boutique hotel or start a national hotel chain, you have to be prepared for all of the expenses that come with starting a new hotel. Operating and maintaining a hotel can be very expensive when you factor in the costs of keeping the lobby well attended, the rooms clean and advertising costs. Plus, you can’t expect that you will sell out rooms every night.

One way to save on maintenance expenses is to outfit your hotel with commercial-grade wall and floor protection products, so you can save on cleaning, repair and replacement costs.


For example, corner guards can protect your wall corners from chips, cracks and scuffs caused by guests’ luggage. Made out of a durable rubber, some corner guards options have pigment through the product and will not show scuffs.

If you are opening a bed and breakfast, you can find functional corner guards that will still fit a quaint, historic design like these carved wood corner guards.

Seal and protect the tile floors in your hotel lobby or guest bathrooms, and you’ll have easier to clean floors that show less wear and tear. With Mapei Ultracare stone, tile and grout sealers, you can always have shiny floors that are ready to repel stains caused by spills and other accidents.

Business entry ideas

To also help keep lobby floors free of outside debris during all hours of the day, consider using a entrance mat. Add your business logo to the mat to amplify your branding efforts.

With all purchases for your new hotel business, don’t look at only the price tag. Consider your return on investment over time. Spending a little more on quality products today could save you hundreds of dollars next year on maintenance or pay roll costs.

Best of luck with your new hotel, and Koffler Sales hopes to be your vendor of choice in the future!

Puppy-Proof Your Home With Koffler Sales

The team at Koffler Sales loves dogs, and dogs love Koffler Sales too!

You may know our company as a leading supplier of wall and floor protection products, but Koffler Sales also offers products that can be used for puppy-proofing your home from damage.

c r u s h

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting, but it also can be challenging for pet owners. As babies, they don’t know the rules of the house yet and once they start teething — look out!

Corner-Protectors-For-Glass-imgOne Koffler customer recently left a product review for our Corner Guards. Check out his ingenious hack to stop his dogs from damaging the window sills:

Having just had all the trim in our house professionally painted, I wanted to protect our window sills where our two dogs put their feet to bark at the birds and squirrels. In our town I could not find the 2 inch and 2/1 inch corner guard I purchased from Koffler Sales Company. The product was shipped on time, the clear plastic guards were well protected with a plastic film. We love our dogs, but after spending $4200 to repaint, I wanted to protect the bottom window sills. The product exceeded my expectations in what we wanted to accomplish. Great product!!

House training a puppy can be a tiresome chore, and clean up is usually messy. Avoid staining and damaging your floors with floor protection products available from Koffler Sales.

Tips for Selling Your Home Your puppy cannot be crated 24/7, so one clever way to protect your carpets from “accidents” is to use Carpet Film Plastic Protection, starting from only $15.67/roll!

Roll the plastic carpet film over any carpets you may have in your home until your puppy is fully trained.

You can also use our Floor Protection Soft Matting by KofflerProtect, which is a padded mat with a backing designed to prevent oil, paint, and other construction site damage.

Clear-Grip-Tape-Hacks-DIY For dogs young and old who have problems climbing up the stairs, here is a clever hack: Use 3M® and KSC Bath and Shower Non Slip Tape on wooden stair treads to make them easier to grip for little furry paws. With low prices starting from only $15.26/roll, making it easier for your pooch to join you anywhere in your home has never been more affordable.

Finally, stains are prone to happen when you have a curious puppy in your home. If you need to get a stain out of ceramic, porcelain, concrete or marble tile, Mapei Ultracare Grout, Tile, Stain and Haze Remover products can be the right solution for you. These commercial-grade products are formulated to remove tough stains and refurbish existing tile and stone surfaces.

With these tips, you will be able to enjoy every second of puppyhood without worrying about protecting your home from damage. Remember, show Koffler Sales a picture of your completed project and you will be entered into our monthly drawing for a $100 Visa gift card!

Child Safety Corner Guards

Child Safety Corner GuardsChild safety corner guards are exactly what they sound like, childproof safety measures for a young home. Any establishment that may have children passing through with their parents or friends really needs to consider this health and safety investment.

Child safety corner guards are affordable, simple and easy to apply. There are so many choices of material out there, the softer being the better. The principle of the child safety corner guards is the same regardless of material, it simply adds a little more protection to those sharp and over-exposed corners you may have in your home or business.

Child safety corner guards do not take away from the theme or style of the house, they come in many colours, shapes and sizes for your convenience. These corner guards are unlike the standard, because they are child safety corner guards there is much more protection and security if a child does bump into it. Although children aren’t the only ones that would benefit from these corner guards, also anyone who is accident prone or even normal circumstance. Corners can be dangerous and so worth protecting!

These household accessories are great investments into the health and wellbeing of your children as well as limiting or reducing the medical bills that come with having an exploration-minded child. They are also very helpful for vision-impaired children or children who simply have too much energy that you need to child-proof the entire home!

Glass, wood and metal corners can be as bad as eachother. Glass corners will create more bruising, wooden corners have the risk of splinters if aging and metal corner are simply sharp. Corners are an unavoidable hazard for every home and business, but their damage can be limited or avoided by simply buying child safety corner guards.

There will come a point when the children grown up and the need for the child safety guard will go down, but for the years of usage they are well worth the investment! When the times comes that you no longer feel the need for them you can simply take them off with no hassle or handiwork. However, many people tend to keep these child safety corner guards on long after the children have grown. Children aren’t the only one with a bundle of energy and lack of coordination! Puppies in particular would benefit from these, eldery people would benefit from these safety guards because they are that much more effective than the basic corner guard.

Covering your house with child safety corner guards is a no-brainer, they come in many colours, styles and sizes. These guards are more than just precautions, but a way of protecting your children, loved ones and your wallet from those everyday mishaps of raising children! Corners aren’t pleasant; we’ve all walked into them at some point and would have rather lived without the bruise! Child safety corner guards are the only viable way to protect your children from getting injured on those sharp corners in whatever location you find yourself in.

Corner Trim Molding

Corner Trim MoldingBefore getting into detail about corner trim molding, it is important to understand what trim molding is. Trim molding is used to refer to moldings used to create more detail in the interior of a house or cover up gaps. Corner trim molding is one example of trim molding. Others include cove moldings, rope moldings and quarter round moldings. From knowing this then, corner trim molding can be defined as molding used to cover gaps in corner of a house or just for creating interesting details in the same area. Trim moldings wereused even a long time ago tracing back all the way back to the ancient Greek times. They were used for decorative purposes.

Corner Trim Molding can be classified into inside corner trim molding and outside corner molding. The difference between the two is that the inside corner molding is used to join two sheets that are at a 90 degree angle on a corner in the inside, while the outside corner trim molding is used to join sheets that are at a 90 degree angle at an outside corner. Just to be clear for better and simpler understanding, an inside corner is the normal corner of a room, where you can stand while an outside corner is one that is outside and you can easily run into it when walking by.

It is not difficult for you tomake a cornet trim molding. For the inside cornr trim molding, you need to take the measurementusing a tape measure from the corner along the wall and then use a piece of trim that is a bit longer than the measurement taken. Place the trim on the miter saw as it will be placed on the walland put edge of the board to be kept at the corner under the blade and leave about an inch past the blade. Turn the blade towards the longer end of the trim and cut. Do the sma for the wall in order got the corners are mitered the same as the intial piece at a 45 degree angle facing the longer side of the trim. When the pieces are held in place they form a seam. After this, nail them both to the wall. The procedure is just similar when it comes to the outside corner trim molding only that in this case the 45 degree angle is cut in the opposite direction as that in the inside corner trim molding and also when cutting the blade is turned away from the longer side of the trim.

Some of the amterials used to make corner trim moldings include wood.It is easy to cut and shape in whatever shape and design one requires.Wood also lasts long if it is properly maintained and painted. Another material is plaster.The plaster is also easy to mold in differentshapes and is drable. However, with time the plaster wears out due to changes in humidity. Polyutherene is also used to make trim moldings especially in this era. The molding from polyutherene are fixed on the ceilings. The moldings come in different shapes and colours. These moldings are the mst durable and very easy to maintain.

Counter Top Corner Protectors

Counter Top Corner ProtectorsCountertop corner protector is a device/hardware device that is used to guard the edges of packaging, walls, tables among other devices. It is also known as corner protector or corner guard. It can be used both to give an object a finished appearance as well as protecting the object from damage. More often than not, the counter top corner protectors can be made of disposable materials when used for packaging as well as for shipping equipment. However, a counter top corner protector is made using more durable materials.

Counters constitute at least a part or most parts of any building. As people continuously interact in the building especially along counters, for instance most receptions have counters, their edges are exposed to damage. Thus, a counter top corner protector not only performs the function of improving the appearance but also reduces the expenses associated with constant repair and maintenance of destroyed countertops. Counter top corner protectors are relatively expensive, therefore to reduce the costs of repairing counters frequently; most asset owners find it more economical to install corner guards than to perform constant rehabilitation of dilapidated counters.

Counter top corner protectors are made from an array of materials ranging from plastic materials, metals, wood, and rubber among other materials. Their availability of these protectors makes the guards affordable by all categories of people in the society. Countertop corner protectors may be installed along the entire edge of a counter or may be installed selectively and particularly on the sharpest and most dangerous edges. A standard counter top is often available in ninety degree angle for suitable fitting around the corners. There is however, a number special case models known as specialty models to fit along uneven counter top edges. Others are made of flexible and adjustable materials to allow for easy options for installation.

Counter top corner protectors play a number of functions, from aesthetic to protective functions among others. These protectors do provide safety in our houses, our business places as well as our work places. At homes, they protect children as well as adults against unnecessary injuries at homes. In business and work places, they play a similar role. They also perform aesthetic roles, which are roles that improve the beauty of a place. Counter top corner guards play the role of improving the appearance of a counter.

Overall is that these guards are made from materials that do not easily corrode, materials that are easy to clean as well as materials that are easy to install. All these features imply that counter top corner protectors are user friendly apart from playing the traditional role they are made to perform.

Coffee Table Corner Guards

Coffee Table Corner Guards Coffee table corner guards are great safety additions in homes with toddlers, and they are also helpful furniture protectors for when puppies are teething. For babies just learning to walk and toddlers ambling about, sharp edges can be dangerous, leading to bumps, bruises, and cuts on little heads and faces. Corner guards protect against these types of injuries and save parents the worry of having something in the home that can harm their little ones. Corner guards also cost much less than an emergency trip to the hospital or the pediatrician to have a head bump examined.

Several companies make table corner guards in a variety of materials and colors to coordinate with any home’s d

Corner Protectors For Glass

Corner Protectors For GlassCorner protectors for glass have two main uses. They can be used while handling and transporting safety glass or they can be used to prevent injuries around glass tabletops or desks. The corner protectors for glass that are used when handling and transporting safety glass can protect the corners of the glass from breaking, even when the glass is dropped’from up to one (1) meter or around three (3) feet from the ground. They help to prevent cracks and chips from the corner of glass when it is being shipped, handled (inventoried or used), and stored. Corner protectors for glass can save consumers and businesses money if they are used during transporting’less damage to the glass.

Another use for corner protectors for glass is to prevent injuries. They soften the impact of the corners of glass. This provides a higher level of safety and less liability (in businesses). Corner protectors for glass also keep the corners of the glass from being damage when they are hit. Often parents will use corner protectors for glass when they are ‘baby proofing’ or securing sharp corners in their homes. They are simple and convenient to install. Normally they are self adhesive. When they are no longer needed, corner protectors for glass peel off with little work. Mostly corner protectors for glass are used on tables (i.e. dining room or coffee tables), countertops, mirrors, glass doors, and cabinets. They are low maintenance and great for protecting young children from injury.

Corner protectors for glass come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. They can be rigid or flexible. They can be made of plastic (which is usually rigid). Foam, gel, rubber, and leather are used to make the more flexible corner protectors for glass. They can be a rainbow of colors, anything from clear to black and red. The corner protectors for glass are normally solid colors. The clear ones blend in with the furniture better, but the colored ones can be used to match items in the room.

Corner protectors for glass come in many sizes too. They can fit glass pieces that are 1/8′ to 3/4′ inch thick. They can also be ordered in custom sizes to fit thicker or thinner pieces of glass. The corner protectors for glass can fit just around the corner so that the top and bottom of the glass are not touched, or they can cover the entire corner. The top of the glass, bottom of the glass, and the sides would be covered. This type of corner protectors for glass provides the highest level of protection’for the glass and people.

Corner protectors for glass can be made so they are squared off. This means that the shape of the corner is still there, but the material is softer than the glass. They can also be made so they are rounded. This type would make the corner seem as though it was not squared, but it provides a higher amount of safety. They can also be ordered to fit the shape of a specific piece of glass.

Corner protectors for glass can be purchased in many colors, sizes, shapes, and materials. They are used to protect glass when it is being handled, shipped, or transported. They are also used to protect people who may come in contact with the corners of a piece of glass. This increases safety and reduces liability.

Corner Caps

Corner CapsCorner caps are installed in places where two edges or corners of a drywall meet. These corner caps are made from durable plastic, which when applied helps in adding a seamless polish or finish to the overall look of the wall where the two ends meet. Corner caps are also known as corner beads and they come with a 90 degree or a bullnose apex in various lengths depending on the area of the walls that need to be finished.

These corner caps also help in hiding or concealing any kind of wall gaps, dents or cracks in drywalls as opposed to a metal corner beading. If you feel that you need to install corner caps in your house or kitchen area, then all you need are some tools with the following easy do-it-yourself tips and you are all set to install corner caps at home with ease.

5 Tips On How To Install Corner Caps At Home
Things you will require for installing corner caps
– An all purpose joint compound
– Corner cap
– Sandpaper
– Rag
– Putty knife

Procedure of application

1. Select the area where you will be installing a dry wall. Take a sand paper grip in your hand and smoothen out any rough or uneven patch that might have protruding edges. Once you are done smoothening the edges, take a rag cloth and wet it in water well. Use this wet rag cloth and wipe the area of the wall that you just smoothened out to remove any dust or debris that was left behind.

2. Now in a plastic container, prepare the all purpose joint compound and get it ready for application. Once the joint compound is prepared, start applying it along the sides of the drywall corner and just a little beyond the area of the corner cap with the help of a putty knife. Make sure you apply an even coating so that there are no pointy or rough edges once it dries.

3. After applying an even coating of the joint compound, take the corner cap that is designed according to the length and size of the dry wall and carefully place it onto the wet joint compound. Once you have positioned the corner cap onto the joint compound, start pressing it into the drywall and the compound so that it gets secured well into the length of the drywall and doesn’t come off easily.

4. After inserting the corner cap, again apply a coat of joint compound over the corner cap starting at the corner apex, then with the help of a putty knife spread and even out the compound coating over and around the edges of the corner cap, so that it looks part of the drywall. After smoothening the coating, let the joint compound dry out naturally.

5. After it has dried, apply a second application of joint compound over the first coating and again using the putty knife smoothen out the coating over any rough edges that may formed during the first application. Now let this coating dry completely.

Corner caps help in offering a professional seamless finish to your bedroom or living room walls especially which have cracks or dents on the walls. So get your tools ready and start installing the corner caps in your home with ease.