Corner Cushions

Corner Cushions All About Corner Cushions
What are corner cushions?

Corner cushions are foam like soft, safety guards installed at the corners of tables or desks which have sharp edges. As they are easy to install, these corner cushions are fitted for protection.

Benefits of corner cushions

These corner cushions are fitted for:

– Protecting your child’s head from getting hurt while he or she is playing near these tables or desks. Or if they are accidently pushed against the edge of the table while playing with other children etc.

– They help in acting as a cushion to the pelvic area especially for adults due to the height of the table and it sharp edges. Such accidents usually occur when you are walking very fast without seeing where you are going and the sharp edges press into the sides of your body or near the abdomen area.

– These corner cushion guards can be installed in any corner or any kind of furniture with sharp edges that need cushioning. Like your bedside table, computer table, types of Kitchen Island or even overhead cabinets.

– They can be attached any way, which you feel might add more protection to the surrounding areas especially with small children.

Tips on how to install corner cushions for dinner tables

1. Select an area where you think your child plays more often. Then take the self-adhesive corner cushions one at a time and position it facing the edge or corners of the table.

2. Then firmly press the cushion guard into the corner and then repeat the same for the remaining exposed edges of the table.

Pros and cons of corner cushions


– They help in protecting your child’s head from getting hurt. They act as a soft cushion, so that your child does not feel anything if they do hit the table’s edge with force.

– They are not only light weight and thin, but also cheap when compared to the amount of cushioning they offer after installation.

– They enhance the look of your coffee, study or dining table as they come in various colors, styles and designs. So you now don’t have to bother about a mismatched protective guard for your table.

– It prevents the corners of your designer wooden table from getting scratched or chipped off when any heavy object hits the side of it.

– It comes in a 4 piece pack, for the 4 corners or edges of any type of table.

– These corner cushions are soft, non-toxic and durable in nature and they can last your household items really long.


– The adhesive remains on the table even after pulling out these corner cushions, thereby increasing the risk factor for children, as they get intrigued and end up peeling off the adhesive with their hands and put it in their mouths.

– It sticks really fast and hard, so if you are planning or removing and reinstalling it someplace else, it’s quite difficult. The amount of adhesive is limited, so even if the corner cushion comes off you cannot place it anywhere else.

Are you always afraid that your child might get hurt near the dining or coffee table which comes with shape edges? Then bring home these easy to install corner cushions and make your home childproof forever!