Corner Caps

Corner CapsCorner caps are installed in places where two edges or corners of a drywall meet. These corner caps are made from durable plastic, which when applied helps in adding a seamless polish or finish to the overall look of the wall where the two ends meet. Corner caps are also known as corner beads and they come with a 90 degree or a bullnose apex in various lengths depending on the area of the walls that need to be finished.

These corner caps also help in hiding or concealing any kind of wall gaps, dents or cracks in drywalls as opposed to a metal corner beading. If you feel that you need to install corner caps in your house or kitchen area, then all you need are some tools with the following easy do-it-yourself tips and you are all set to install corner caps at home with ease.

5 Tips On How To Install Corner Caps At Home
Things you will require for installing corner caps
– An all purpose joint compound
– Corner cap
– Sandpaper
– Rag
– Putty knife

Procedure of application

1. Select the area where you will be installing a dry wall. Take a sand paper grip in your hand and smoothen out any rough or uneven patch that might have protruding edges. Once you are done smoothening the edges, take a rag cloth and wet it in water well. Use this wet rag cloth and wipe the area of the wall that you just smoothened out to remove any dust or debris that was left behind.

2. Now in a plastic container, prepare the all purpose joint compound and get it ready for application. Once the joint compound is prepared, start applying it along the sides of the drywall corner and just a little beyond the area of the corner cap with the help of a putty knife. Make sure you apply an even coating so that there are no pointy or rough edges once it dries.

3. After applying an even coating of the joint compound, take the corner cap that is designed according to the length and size of the dry wall and carefully place it onto the wet joint compound. Once you have positioned the corner cap onto the joint compound, start pressing it into the drywall and the compound so that it gets secured well into the length of the drywall and doesn’t come off easily.

4. After inserting the corner cap, again apply a coat of joint compound over the corner cap starting at the corner apex, then with the help of a putty knife spread and even out the compound coating over and around the edges of the corner cap, so that it looks part of the drywall. After smoothening the coating, let the joint compound dry out naturally.

5. After it has dried, apply a second application of joint compound over the first coating and again using the putty knife smoothen out the coating over any rough edges that may formed during the first application. Now let this coating dry completely.

Corner caps help in offering a professional seamless finish to your bedroom or living room walls especially which have cracks or dents on the walls. So get your tools ready and start installing the corner caps in your home with ease.