Corner Bumper

Corner BumperTables are one of the daily used items it is used buy all the member of the house countless times though out the day. Every house has many different kinds of table such as glass table, wooden table, plastic table, marble table etc. And almost all of them have a sharp corner edges which is very dangerous for little babes, your clothes can get stuck while moving or your wall or other belonging close to the table and even while holding your baby and turning quickly you can scratch your baby or hurt him/her. But to prevent all of these problems a table corner bumper is available to serve your needs.

It also give relaxation to parents as now they can let their child play in the house without being worried of their child’s well-being bump in the corner edges of the table due to their short height.

It is one of the famous product for transportation companies as now they can travel long distance and can easily transport there fragile goods anywhere in the world with ease. Corner bumpers not only provide safety but also provide firm handling of the good.

Teachers of kindergarten are happy because they said that students between the ages of four and 6 is very hyperactive they jump, they play they run and any sort of sharp edges of table in the class can hurt the young ones. But due to the table corner bumper school life is fun for both teachers and students.

As mention above these table corner bumper are available in many different materials and sizes according to the size and color you desire and so their installation is done in many ways, some are readymade protector which fits the corner of the table directly but some are to be assembles and some of the protector are of foam based so they have to be installed according to the size of the table.

Table corner bumper is available in a lot of different material like plastic, wood, stainless steel, soft bumpers and foam. This protector is they are widely used in transportation industry, kindergarten, workshop schools.

A lot of time while get seated or get out of the seat cloths are stuck in the corner of the table. Which are mostly tore or stretched.

Moreover, when ever tables have sharp edges it destroy or make scratch or marks on the painted wall if its attaches or it ruin the design on the chair and most of the time it tore the seat cover attach to the chair due to friction with the table. But with table corner bumper your valuable cloths as well as your seat cover can also be protected and can be use for a much longer time.

Table corner bumper gives your table a cheap easy to use and very import house hold item. With it cheap price it is worth utilizing because it save a lot of your expensive in the long run. Is easily available in all the leading stores and it can be easily installed. Protect your kids, avoid scratch and give your table a long lasting life by Table corner bumper.