Corner Beads

With the installation of drywall at your home, it is vital for you to install a drywall corner beads. This is usually placed over drywall at the corner position, while it is also used to protect it from damage. The type of corner bead that you would install depends largely on the particular specifications. Since there is a broad variety of corner bead, the choice may be challenging to settle at or sometimes intimidating. But if you are vastly knowledgeable about the various types of corner bead, you will be able to select the best one out of the long list of corner bead.

Metal corner Bead
Usually, for the drywall corner bead is made out of metal. In particular, the traditional material used for this corner bead is galvanized steel. It is light in weight and rust resistant as well.
Plastic corner bead
These type of corner beads are the most recent and has various advantages. Firstly, plastic is more flexible than metal (steel), and is easily used with lumber. Furthermore, if the lumber warps at the end of installation, a plastic corner bead is available for replacement immediately.

Standard L-Shaped corner bead
These are the most common types of corner beads and they are available in both plastic and metal, and also named for its 900 angle. It often comes with a paper tape attached where all the installation procedure is well stipulated thus making its fixing much simpler. It measures on average of 11/4*11/4 inches and has a length in the region of 8-10 feet.

Standard Archway corner bead
These corner beads are similar to L-shaped corner bead. But it has one specific feature that distinguishes it and makes it ideal to curved surfaces. It has some cuts placed at