Clear Safety Film For Glass

Clear Safety Film For GlassClear safety film for glass provides peace of mind in many ways for both homeowners and business people. It can prevent glass from shattering, reduce the impact of graffiti, and cut down on the amount of UV light entering a room. Window films come in a variety of sizes, so finding a roll to match a window size is easy to do.

Safety films for glass help keep broken glass from sending shards into a room much like windshield glass prevents pieces of glass from getting into the passenger compartment of a car. This is very useful in areas with bad weather like hurricanes or tornadoes, and in earthquake zones, where windows break and cause injury from the broken glass. Criminals trying to break windows and gain access to a home or business will find they are not as successful with clear safety film for glass in place. This may help discourage them and make the criminal move on to another property instead. Children or pets who run into patio windows will also be protected from being cut by glass pieces when safety films are used.

Business owners can use clear safety film on the outside of their windows to reduce the impact of vandalism by making it harder for the vandals to mar the glass with tagging or knives. It also makes it easier and less expensive to repair damage since a shop owner simply has to remove and replace the film instead of the whole window or door.

Clear safety film for glass helps block almost all UV light that causes fading of carpets and furniture. It also relieves concerns by workers or residents who do not want to expose their skin to UV rays. Films can also help regulate temperatures by blocking hot sunlight, helping to keep the room more comfortable. Companies using clear safety film for glass will be able to realize some savings on their energy bills since they will not have to run the air conditioning as much. Some users also notice a reduction in glare after installing glass films.

Installation is best done when temperatures are between 40 and 85 degrees, and there is no direct sun on the window. It is not recommended that clear window films be put on plastic or plexiglass windows, or on windows that have texturing, since they will not adhere as well. There are installation kits available that can make installation easier. These kits usually come with an application solution, a cutting tool, a soft cloth for clean up at the end of the project, and a squeegee. Many users have found better success when two people do the installation.

It should be noted that home or business window films should not be used on car windows. There are window films available especially for cars.

Clear safety film for glass is thin, so it will not interfere with window use. And, because it is clear, it will not interfere with being able to look out the window and enjoy the outdoors.