Clear Non Slip Tape

clear non slip tape

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Koffler clear non slip tape is great for use in areas of high bare foot traffic areas such as boats, showers, pools, and bath tubs. 3M and KSC adhesive is sure to provide the needed resilience for the various possible uses. Clear non slip tape can be used to provide safety where it’s needed on any surface that gets very slippery which can be dangerous without the use of a quality clear non slip tape.

Use clear non slip tape in the bathroom and shower to help prevent the chance of a fall, use clear non slip tape around the pool to avoid a bad slam onto cold concrete, in a locker room to prevent slipping or in the office or factory in the areas that get the most foot traffic to give a good non-slip surface that will make the area safe for normal work. Use this tape on a boat to assist with getting on and off with ease and comfort. Koffler clear non stick tape is available in different sizes to accommodate just about any situation. An embossed PVC surface provides the anti-slip function of the clear non slip tape. Product intended for either bare foot or light-duty uses only.

The surface of the tape will not catch or hold debris, is easily mopped clean, and is waterproof for use in areas that may get wet. Clear non slip tape is available in 30′ and 60′ rolls, and in strips, and available in 3M Safety Walk Resilient or in KSC Resilient. For use on treated wood surfaces, it is highly recommended to seal the wood before applying any non slip tape. In most cases, however, all that would need to be done to prepare a surface for the proper installation is to wash the target area with a 50/50 solution of isopropyl alcohol and water before applying the tape to the surface followed by a mopping, then, after the area dries decide if a certain adhesive is needed to properly apply the non slip tape to the area.

For applying non slip tape in areas that may get saturated, the right preparations must be taken to ensure the tape adheres properly to the intended surface. clear resilient anti-slip tape has many helpful uses in various areas where slipping and falling is common and can help to prevent serious injury be it at work or during play.