Clear Carpet Runner

Clear Carpet RunnerThe clear carpet runner can be used to protect a small area of carpet while still allowing the color and beauty of the carpet to come through. A clear carpet runner is typically used for a smaller area than clear carpet protectors. They do, however, work in much the same way. Many times, a clear carpet runner will be placed in a hallway or by an entrance from the outside because these are high traffic areas, while a clear carpet protector will be used to protect an entire room. This helps keep high traffic areas cleaner. The clear carpet runner can help to prevent dirty shoes and wet feet from staining the carpeting near an entrance or in a busy hallway.

The clear carpet runner, like the clear carpet protectors, is made of a plastic film. The film is available in a variety of roll sizes for sale. Clear carpet runners are self adhesive. When the consumer wants to use one, all he or she needs to do is pull the runner from the roll and place it down on the carpet. When he or she has the desired area covered, just cut the clear carpet runner from the roll. There is nothing more to do. The clear carpet runner will stay in place and protect the carpet until the consumer is ready to pull it up. It is just as simple to dispose of also. The consumer needs only to pull the clear carpet runner from the floor and dispose of it.

A clear carpet runner is meant to be used on synthetic carpets. It is not meant for use on hard flooring surfaces’i.e. hardwoods, laminates, or tiles. The adhesive could transfer to the hard flooring surface and cause damage. It also should not be used with ‘sisal rugs’ as the adhesive could cause the material of the rug to begin to fray, damaging the rug. A clear carpet runner is supposed to be used as a temporary protector for the carpet. Typically, a clear carpet runner can be used for 30 to 60 days as a non-slip surface that protects the carpet from traffic or damage.

Normally, consumers use the clear carpet runner to protect the carpet from:
* dirt and mud
* high traffic (entrances and hallways)
* stains
* spills
* tears
* construction work/debris
* wet feet
* paint
* creases from moving furniture

The clear carpet runner is a low maintenance option to keeping a small area of carpeting clean. It is easy to clean’usually with just a broom. It can be used near an entrance or in a hallway to protect the carpet from dirt, debris, high traffic, or other day to day damage that can make carpet look bad and damage it. The self adhesive clear carpet runner is easy to install and to remove when the consumer no longer needs it. It is an excellent way to protect synthetic carpets for a short amount of time’usually no longer than a couple of months.