Clear Carpet Protectors

Clear Carpet ProtectorsClear carpet protectors are see-through, self adhesive covers that can be rolled over carpets to protect them from daily elements’like wet feet and construction debris. They can also make the work space safer than using traditional tarps and drop cloths for painting. Since the carpet protectors are clear, the color and beauty of the carpet can be seen without causing any damage to it.

The rolls come in many different sizes to best suit what the consumer needs for his or her house. Clear carpet protectors are easy to apply to the floor. Roll them over the carpet. When the roll comes to the edge of the carpet, cut it and move to the next spot. Clear carpet protectors are meant to be temporary covers for carpets. Typically, they should only be used for 30 to 60 days at a time. It is just as easy to remove clear carpet protectors as it is to apply them. When the consumer is ready to take the protectors up, he or she needs only to pull the self-adhesive film from the carpet. Then simply put it in the trash to dispose of it.

Clear carpet protectors are not meant to be used on hard surfaces’like tile, wood, or laminate. Some of the adhesive could transfer to the surface of the hard floor. This may damage the tile, wood, or laminate surface. They can, however, be used on every type of synthetic carpet. They should also not be used on ‘sisal rugs’. Using clear carpet protectors on these could cause a transfer of the adhesive, and the rug material may begin to fray.

There are many uses for clear carpet protectors. Some common uses for clear carpet protectors are protecting against:
* dirt/mud
* paint
* remodeling/construction traffic
* wet feet
* rolling furniture
* traffic (spills and messes) from a large party or gathering

In construction, builders may use them to protect carpets in a house or building they are remodeling. Professional painters may use them instead of drop cloths and tarps. Clear carpet protectors help to reduce the risk of slipping, tripping, and falling that can occur when drop cloths and tarps fold and gather on the floor. Also, since clear carpet protectors are plastic, paint can not go through them, unlike traditional tarps and drop cloths. Do-It-Yourselfers often use clear carpet protectors to protect areas while they are working on projects in their homes.

Clear carpet protectors are a good choice for guarding carpets against many day to day elements. They are used by homeowners who are protecting their carpets during big parties, but most commonly they are used professionally by painters and construction workers to protect the carpeted areas around them from dirt, paint, mud, and debris. Since they are clear, the carpet can still be seen, but no damage is done to it. Once the work in the area is complete, the workers (or homeowners) can pull the clear carpet protectors up from the floor and expose the carpet again.