Claws Off Screen Door Protector

Claws Off Screen Door ProtectorIf you are a cat owner, you have probably come to realize that these adorable pets have a nasty habit of scratching doors with their claws. Does the title ‘claws off screen door protector’ ring any bells for you? If the answer is no, shame on you!

Without exaggerating even one tiny bit, a claws off screen door protector is by far the most effective way to deal with your cat’s habit and save yourself all the trouble of having to fix your door, re-paint it, the trouble of having to replace the door’s screen or glasses, save you the money that comes with those damages, and of course the frustration of being part of the same scenario more often than you should.

What you need to do is calm down, come to your senses, and think the situation through. Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity was ‘doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting to see different results’, and this is exactly what you are doing each time you fix your door, and then wake up the next morning hoping that this would be the last time your cat will make the same mistake. Wrong! The cat will do it again sooner or later! It is nothing personal; you have done nothing to deserve this. It is just that all cats feel the need to trim and sharpen their constantly growing nails, which by the way is one of their main weapons against any potential enemies (hopefully that enemy won’t be you cursing and calling your cat names for being naughty). In other words, this habit that is so annoying for you, actually feels almost instinctual for your cat. Add to that the fact that cats are also very playful animals, and you will understand that trying to convince your cat to stop his/her scratching activities is simply an exercise in futility.

As already mentioned, the solution to your problem is non other than the claws off screen door protector. The claws off screen door protector is made from very durable plastic that can shield and protect your door (without damaging it) whether it is used on the inside or the outside. Its clip-through screen design makes it very easy to install on almost every type of door, which also means that you can take it on and off your door whenever you want to clean it. Keep in mind also that in terms of color the claws off screen door protector is transparent; in other words not only you will be protecting your door effectively, but you will also do it discretely without having to mess with your interior or exterior design and d