Chair Rails

Tips to Placing Chair Rails In Your Home

chair rails

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No matter what you may think about Do-It-Yourself tutorials, there are plenty of articles and informational books explaining how and where to install chair rails. If you are looking for an explanation on how to properly install chair rails, take a look at the following suggestions.

Chair rails may not be the most fashionable piece on your house but it can definitely assist in keeping a chair from scraping the side of a wall while pushing forward.Unfortunately, chair rails maybe a great essential to have when it comes to safe living but they aren’t the easiest to place.

They are visually functional, and they create a small amount of scale to any room.It’s said that having your chair rail around 20 to 30 inches off the floor can allow better support for the back of your chair. Of course you don’t want the chair rails to be so high that they overbear your table.

Regardless to how much home architecture change, chair rails should consistently stay the same. Most people tend to make decisions on the height of their ceilings or walls, causing them to raise the height of their chair rails.

The objective is not to make the chair rail the waist of the room. It’s not considered something that you change when your home changes. Everything about your rails should be based around your chair and your chair backings. If you end up raising your rails too high you can end up taking away the sex appeal of the room itself. Installing your rails appropriately, at the appropriate height won’t take away from your rooms elegance but enhance it.

Chair rails serve as protection but they also serve as the divider for the wall. For most rails, you will find that they are created from lengths of a particular molding.Choosing the right wall molding , making sure that the back is flush to the wall itself.

Placement of your chair rail should be based on your personal preference. If you plan on putting your rails in your kitchen, the height of your rails is important. Putting them too high or too low can can create an odd setting for your kitchen. It’s advisable that you make your rails even with your kitchen counter.

Of course there is room for you to install your rails unevenly but harmoniously at the same time. Using this type of method means that you intend to use your chair rails in a decorative manner.

If you aren’t using your chair rails for decorative purposes, it is recommended that you place your moldings at the same mark as your rails. This will move your chair rail up slightly and reduce the distance.

Rails can bring decor and beauty to your home, while protecting your walls at the same time. Making sure that your chair rails are placed at 32 to 36 inches won’t overshadow your room. But if you have other rails in your home that are leveled at a different height be sure to place all the other chair rails at the same height.

Chair Rails

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