7 Tips for Selling Your Home

Tips for Selling Your Home For many homeowners, the spring is the beginning of the real estate season. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market this year, be sure to follow our 7 tips for selling your home to save money and time.

Get your home ready to sell:

1. If you have carpet, get it professionally cleaned and then lay our Carpet Film Plastic Protection over all carpeted areas, so it stays clean despite all of the foot traffic that comes with showing your home. For less than $100, you can ensure your floors are ready to show at a moment’s notice!

2. Add an Exterior Mat to your entrance. It not only looks more welcoming, but it will help prevent potential buyers dragging leaves and other debris into your home.

3. If your dining room lacks interest or drama, consider installing Chair Rail Trim to your walls. It will make your home’s interior appear more custom, in addition to preventing wall damage caused by dining room chairs. The Millwork Collection by Johnsonite is more affordable and durable than wood alternatives.

Diamond Plate Checker Tile

4. Buyers don’t like to see a stained, dirty garage but they often do. Have your property stand out in a good way by installing Diamond Plate Floor Tiles in your garage — it will become a “gear-head’s” dream. It will also showcase the space as super functional, since it can be both a garage and the ultimate man cave! Interlocking Diamond Plate Floor Tiles are easy to install and cost less than $5/square foot.

5. If your home has a patio that appears worn, consider resurfacing it yourself with Chemsol Anti Slip Coating. Hide wear and tear, while adding design flair like a hue like Tile Red to your backyard. Buyers will love your patio’s rejuvenated look, in addition to it being an added safety feature.

Peg Board Craft Room Ideas

6. Buyers are turned off by clutter, so make sure your home is clean and organized. By adding Peg Boards to craft, office and garage areas, you’ll impress buyers with how much additional storage space your home offers.

7. Add curb appeal with fresh landscaping and a new American Flag displayed off a porch. An American flag will add visual interest and bring some color to the front of your home, without offending would-be buyers.



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Chair Protectors

Chair Protectors

If you settle on the best quality and preference on the chair protectors it will spruce up your interior home décor as with amazing arts are some of the inexpensive approach of making the banquet, meeting or conference booth more appealing and enticing to visitors. As much as a number of banquet chairs are similar, you will come to notice that these chairs with upholstery are usually not that clean enough. Installing them in your home will make chairs your to have hidden the upholstery problems and the scratches. Since there are various types and styles in hardware stores, the choices available can be very intimidating but with the appropriate chair protectors that blend well with the your home décor, you’ll make your surrounding gleaming without using a lot out of your pocket.

With various styles and different kinds of these very essential stuff, you will always have your best choice among them, and if you are incapable of purchasing new ones there is always an option of renting chair protectors for events. The advantage of owning personal chair protectors is that you’ll buy the ones you want and even brand your name on them. But as you will scrutinize the types and styles of chair covers there are some options that you should consider such as the type of colors of and ultimately its availability, the design of the chairs that you are going to put on the them and the kind of fabric that you wish to use in the chair protectors.

When it comes to choosing of chair protectors, basic ones are the best since you can find them easily in various fabrics and styles, and they also slip over in banquet chairs. Though a normal banquet chair has a straight, narrow and square back, you can still find chair protectors that can suit well a variety of back styles. Furthermore, the basic types are available for rental and purchase.

Another choice for the protection of your chairs can be disposable types. Since they are disposable, you can utilize this type of chair protectors twice or trice before removing them. If anything happen to them there is no need to worry since it not a big ideal and no cleaning bill will be required. This style and type are the best option if you consider chair protection occasionally.

However, if you are after rejuvenating your home or office décor, decorative material and designs would be the choice for selection or if you don’t have enough money to carry out redecoration, you can also brighten up chairs by using attractive material, shades and graphics to make your interior more amazing. But you may consider decorating the events and conferences chairs as office chairs usually come with the best quality fabric which is durable and attractive. Besides the decorative for the conferences, events and office, you can also find other chair protectors for the dining chairs, kitchen chairs, patio etc. and which will make the surroundings look better than before.

Chair Rail Ideas For Kids Rooms

Chair Rail Ideas For Kids Rooms

One thousand and one chair rail ideas for kids rooms; the number of ideas can only by limited by your imagination. Chair rails, also known as chair rail molding or dado rails, are basically long strips of molding that run along the interior wall of a room, thus forming a protective perimeter.

There are many chair rail ideas for kids rooms that you can install and the reasons to do so are two: the one is to protect your walls from damages and the other is to change the décor and pretty up the room. When the first chair rails were used, the idea was to offer plaster walls some protection against the damage that can occur when a standard chair comes in contact with the wall, either because you are sitting on it and leaning back or because you are being careless when moving the chair around. Somewhere along the way, however, chair rail molding took up a rather decorative role and their use extended to almost every room in the house. Surprisingly enough, the various chair rail ideas for kids rooms can still serve both purposes. After all, what kid wouldn’t want a room that looks beautiful, and which parent wouldn’t like to know that the room is at the same time safe from his kid’s clumsiness and mischievous activities?

In order to make sure that your walls are protected, you can combine any chair rail ideas for kids rooms that you might have with another protective/decorative feature called wainscoting. Wainscoting basically refers to large panels that you can install above the chair rail molding, so that you cover completely the area on you wall between the ground and the chair rail. This way you will both increase your wall protection to the maximum and you will also make the room look more aesthetically pleasing.

Once you decide on what you like best, materializing your chair rail ideas for kids rooms won’t be very difficult. Provided that you are willing in spirit and that you have basic knowledge of how to handle some standard woodworking tools and how to make a few angled cuts and splices, you will most likely be able to do the installation yourself without having to pay a handyman to do it for you. Nevertheless, you will have to devote a significant amount of time to get the job done, since chair rails are comprised of various parts that you will have to piece together.

As already mentioned there are many chair rail ideas for kids rooms that you can choose from. You can opt for a high chair rail molding or a low one depending on the kind of furniture you have in the room. Take your measuring tape and start measuring the exact height of your furniture, especially those that can cause damage to your walls (for example, a moving chair). Another idea would be to use chair rail molding as a ledge for personal photos, figurines and other small objects. It goes without saying, of course, that you will also be able to choose from a variety of designs and a variety of colors. In any case, the decision is up to you.

Chair Railing

Chair Railing

Chair railing not only protect the surface of the walls but also makes the interior décor of the house more appealing to the eye and therefore it is imperative to be keen enough to choose both the color and the design which won’t make your house to be horrible. Although most people use it for interior design, it still serves its primary goal of protecting the wall especially if the wall is made of fragile plaster walls. Let’s have a look at some of the chair railing in the diagrams below. Which impression does it give you?

Installing a chair rail is one of the easiest task for people who are dedicated to make their house look far much beyond any other ordinary house. However, this will only depend on the type of house and the nature of the rail to be installed. For instance, it will be easier to install it in the house represented in figure (a) than (b) and (c).

Assuming you have all the necessary materials to make a beautiful chair rail, it is important to find mechanisms through which you can install the chair rails with a lot of ease.

The first step when you want to install chair rails is to take the exact measurements of the exact places you would wish to install the rails. For a house where chairs to be used are already known, it is wise to measure the height of the chair or if you can slide the chair near the wall then it could also give an accurate height. However, for the case where the chair to be used are not yet defined, the best rule of thumb is to measure the height from the ceiling board to the floor and divide by three.

Install your chair rails at a distance which is about 1/3 from the floor. But since the floor might not be straight, using spirit level is always the best option as it will ensure that you obtain horizontal chair rails.

It is advisable to start from the furthest end; most preferably from the door while moving to the other parts of the wall. This is mostly to avoid unnecessary joints on the wall which could otherwise make it look ugly. Besides these, drive the nails into the rail but be sure to use nails which will neither cause the rail nor the wall to crack.

Painting chair railings is also very important. For instance, the color of the rails and the wall in the three figures above still look great making the house to more presentable.

Having the right rails, determining the height of the rails from the floor surface and finding better ways to drive the nails into the wall are key to a better chair rails installation.

Furniture Leg Protectors

Furniture Leg ProtectorsFurniture leg protectors are those things which protect your furniture from having a bad scratches and destroying your flooring material. The things are rubber or a plastic cups in black in color or in different colors and other devices are also available on the hardware shop or stores.

The hardwood requires security and safety to look new for many years so there are many furniture leg protectors in rubber material, in steel, in plastic and in many other materials. When a person buy a new house and the hardwood is loved by everyone and you want to remove all carpeted flooring and take lot of care but it can only be done if you take a good care of your furniture by attaching furniture leg protectors to it.

Chair leg protectors are used to cover the legs of the chair to safe the floor from the scratches. The plastic covers are best for the protection of you beautiful flooring. Plastic covers are available in each and every size and color. Plastic is a hard material so it may also give a scratch to your floors but still it is one of the best options to secure your floor. It is cheap in price and available at every hardware shops easily. It is usually used in schools and gyms.

Other furniture leg protectors include furniture glides. It is much softer than the plastic caps and is long lasting. You can buy it in few sizes and in different colors. It is little difficult to buy in same color of the furniture but you will get in other color in contras. These are good for those people who don’t want to take risk of plastic caps in their homes.

Last, options are felt chair leg protectors. It is one of the best way to save you floor finishes because it is softer than the both protectors the rubber one and the plastic one also. It comes in little pads and will sticks easily by a solution under the legs of the chairs, sofa, bed, and much other furniture. It is little expensive and difficult to buy because they are not easily available in the market. But it will protect your floor and kept it in a shiny condition for years.

If you need to clean these furniture leg protectors you just need warm water and wash it because they are washable material and it will not damage. Soap and other solutions will destroy your flooring and it will not shine like a new floor.

If you will drag you furniture for one place to another place and if cover by the protectors is they will never give you scratches on the floor and will remain new and shiny always as you have purchase a new floor. It will give you realization that you have done a good thing to safe you floor and kept it new. Hardwood may give your home a new and beautiful look but u have to give it a good maintenance because without covers it will destroy your flooring.

Impact Protection System

Impact Protection SystemThe impact protection system is a system for the protection damage from any kind of mishap to the cars, windows and door etc. These are the types of protectors applied in the cars to prevent the people from injuries cause by the accidents or any natural disaster. These are different kinds of protector in the one of them is the car seat for babies they are fold from the side and the seat belts are also attached so the baby do not get any damage if the car gets into accident.

This impact protection system is also used for windows also it is used as the protection film for windows. These systems protect the glass it is a type of protector sticker stuck to the window glass so these protector save the home from getting hot because the ultraviolent sun rays that enters into the home get cool and make the people active because by the use of air conditioner people get lazy and relaxed so these rays made the active as they get enter by the window from the protective sheets.

This impact protection system is also applied in the making of cars to protect the driver and the people inside the car from getting injuries from the accidents that accurse in our daily life. They are use at the time of manufacturing the car to safe guard the life of the people and to get more customers because if there is proper protection then most of people want to avail this advantage and more people will for that car which has very low chances of getting properly damage after the accident. It is very important for cars to have strong wind shields because they protect the driver from different things.

In today’s world most of the people are going forward in search of protection of life or we can say that in search of impact protection system because nowadays losing a life is very normal many people are dying from the road accidents and many other thing and as we all know that our life is a very precise gift so people around the world are in search of protection of life as doctors are applying new treatments, architecture is applying new techniques to save the homes or building from the natural disaster or the weather situation around the world because there are some areas that are prone to disasters. While there are many areas that do not suffer from extreme temperature, the climate changes have made it impossible for people to continue using the same protection techniques they are used too. So now days these impact protection system for cars and windows are used all over the world.

In conclusion, we see that the impact protection system is very useful in today’s world because there is a rapid increase the road accidents and other types of natural disasters these car protectors, baby car seat protectors and the window films protector are playing very important role in our daily life.

Chair Rail Ideas

Chair Rail Ideas

chair rail ideas

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First used in colonial times, chair rails were traditionally put up to prevent scuffs and add protection when a chair would bump the plaster walls of the house. Chair rails were first used in kitchens and dining rooms. Today, chair rails are mostly used to add a finished look and improve the appeal of the interior walls in any room of the house. Chair rails may be used in multiple rooms of a home or just one to highlight a particular room. The look gives some variation to walls and adds a level of comfort to the home with a polished appealing look. Chair rails are commonly made of fiberboard, wood, vinyl or metal. They act as a divider on the wall, giving it an interesting look.

There is much debate about where on the wall a chair rail should be placed. The answer is it depends on the look wanted to achieve from the chair rail. For a traditional classic look, the chair rail should be about one third of the way up the wall. This look is functional and opens up rooms making the ceilings look higher. A chair rail placed two thirds up the wall make a room appear cozy and give a more intimate feel to the room. This is a nice look for dining rooms, entry ways and mud rooms. Chair rails may also be placed one third of the way down a wall for a top border. This look is especially nice in small children’s rooms. This look is cute with pictures, drawings, dolls, plates etc. hung up high just touching the edge of the rail.

There are so many chair rail ideas. Chair rails can be used alone, with wainscoting, crown molding, beaded paneling or with wallpaper. Wainscoting provides a traditional look, crown molding adds a Victorian touch, beaded paneling gives a casual New England cottage look and wallpaper can add to any of these looks or present a modern touch. Each technique provides a different polished look but in the end it depends on the owner’s preference. Chair rails are a good way to add a form of expression and add some customization, as opposed to blank walls.

To customize your look, paint can be used in many different ways with different chair rail ideas. The two-toned paint look is very popular right now. This is when two different paint colors are used, one bold and one much lighter with the chair rail painted somewhere between the two gives an interesting look to any room. A bold color with a light neutral colored chair rail looks really nice, especially with a one third up the wall chair rail. Chair rails can also be wood stained for a rustic or natural look.

If you’re planning on adding chair rails, do some research online to visualize different chair rail ideas with rails installed several different ways. This makes it easier to decide which look you like and what best suits your home. Chair rails are an easy way to add appeal to a home.

Chair Rail Ideas

Chair Rails

Tips to Placing Chair Rails In Your Home

chair rails

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No matter what you may think about Do-It-Yourself tutorials, there are plenty of articles and informational books explaining how and where to install chair rails. If you are looking for an explanation on how to properly install chair rails, take a look at the following suggestions.

Chair rails may not be the most fashionable piece on your house but it can definitely assist in keeping a chair from scraping the side of a wall while pushing forward.Unfortunately, chair rails maybe a great essential to have when it comes to safe living but they aren’t the easiest to place.

They are visually functional, and they create a small amount of scale to any room.It’s said that having your chair rail around 20 to 30 inches off the floor can allow better support for the back of your chair. Of course you don’t want the chair rails to be so high that they overbear your table.

Regardless to how much home architecture change, chair rails should consistently stay the same. Most people tend to make decisions on the height of their ceilings or walls, causing them to raise the height of their chair rails.

The objective is not to make the chair rail the waist of the room. It’s not considered something that you change when your home changes. Everything about your rails should be based around your chair and your chair backings. If you end up raising your rails too high you can end up taking away the sex appeal of the room itself. Installing your rails appropriately, at the appropriate height won’t take away from your rooms elegance but enhance it.

Chair rails serve as protection but they also serve as the divider for the wall. For most rails, you will find that they are created from lengths of a particular molding.Choosing the right wall molding , making sure that the back is flush to the wall itself.

Placement of your chair rail should be based on your personal preference. If you plan on putting your rails in your kitchen, the height of your rails is important. Putting them too high or too low can can create an odd setting for your kitchen. It’s advisable that you make your rails even with your kitchen counter.

Of course there is room for you to install your rails unevenly but harmoniously at the same time. Using this type of method means that you intend to use your chair rails in a decorative manner.

If you aren’t using your chair rails for decorative purposes, it is recommended that you place your moldings at the same mark as your rails. This will move your chair rail up slightly and reduce the distance.

Rails can bring decor and beauty to your home, while protecting your walls at the same time. Making sure that your chair rails are placed at 32 to 36 inches won’t overshadow your room. But if you have other rails in your home that are leveled at a different height be sure to place all the other chair rails at the same height.

Chair Rails