Chair Rail Ideas

Chair Rail Ideas

chair rail ideas

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First used in colonial times, chair rails were traditionally put up to prevent scuffs and add protection when a chair would bump the plaster walls of the house. Chair rails were first used in kitchens and dining rooms. Today, chair rails are mostly used to add a finished look and improve the appeal of the interior walls in any room of the house. Chair rails may be used in multiple rooms of a home or just one to highlight a particular room. The look gives some variation to walls and adds a level of comfort to the home with a polished appealing look. Chair rails are commonly made of fiberboard, wood, vinyl or metal. They act as a divider on the wall, giving it an interesting look.

There is much debate about where on the wall a chair rail should be placed. The answer is it depends on the look wanted to achieve from the chair rail. For a traditional classic look, the chair rail should be about one third of the way up the wall. This look is functional and opens up rooms making the ceilings look higher. A chair rail placed two thirds up the wall make a room appear cozy and give a more intimate feel to the room. This is a nice look for dining rooms, entry ways and mud rooms. Chair rails may also be placed one third of the way down a wall for a top border. This look is especially nice in small children’s rooms. This look is cute with pictures, drawings, dolls, plates etc. hung up high just touching the edge of the rail.

There are so many chair rail ideas. Chair rails can be used alone, with wainscoting, crown molding, beaded paneling or with wallpaper. Wainscoting provides a traditional look, crown molding adds a Victorian touch, beaded paneling gives a casual New England cottage look and wallpaper can add to any of these looks or present a modern touch. Each technique provides a different polished look but in the end it depends on the owner’s preference. Chair rails are a good way to add a form of expression and add some customization, as opposed to blank walls.

To customize your look, paint can be used in many different ways with different chair rail ideas. The two-toned paint look is very popular right now. This is when two different paint colors are used, one bold and one much lighter with the chair rail painted somewhere between the two gives an interesting look to any room. A bold color with a light neutral colored chair rail looks really nice, especially with a one third up the wall chair rail. Chair rails can also be wood stained for a rustic or natural look.

If you’re planning on adding chair rails, do some research online to visualize different chair rail ideas with rails installed several different ways. This makes it easier to decide which look you like and what best suits your home. Chair rails are an easy way to add appeal to a home.

Chair Rail Ideas

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