Carpet Tile Stair Nosing

Carpet Tile Stair NosingCarpet tile stair nosing comes in various materials. As an alternative, some people can use carpet tile stair treads to evade the time-consumed installation. However, one company is ready for the task. Koffler Sales do not sell carpet tile stair nosing. However, its carpet stair nosing would probably work just as well on carpet tiled stairs.

M&D Flooring

M&D Flooring, a company based in the UK, provided and installed carpet tiles and stair nosings at a business in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. This task was to get rid of existent carpet tiles on stairs and substitute them with new carpet tiles that they provided. To evade any interruption to the business’ regular operational hours, M&D Flooring planned to install the carpet tiles that it had provided one Saturday. Initially, it raised the previous carpet tiles and nosings prepared for the staircase to be adorned. The stair nosings, r edgings, are installed to the face of every step to safeguard against deterioration and rip and in addition boost prominence of the stair edge for improved security. After the stair area has been adorned, M&D Flooring installed the new carpet tiles and nosings.

Product Offerings for Carpet Tile Stair Nosings

Gradus, a company based in the UK, presents its XTA1. This product is the fundamental answer in decreasing slips, stumbles, and tumbles on stairs. This product includes an unlimited addition that carries on around the stair edging’s foremost edge to guarantee that contact is at all times prepared with the slip-resilient component of the stair edging.

SmoothEdge, a company based in South Africa, presents its 296 Carpet Tile Nosing model. This product is utilized on steps as an edge guard when setting up a floor cover that is six millimeters high. It affords a non-trip texture. In addition, the 296 model adds an appealingly-enjoyable texture to staircases with stick-down carpet tiles ensconced.

Kevmor Wholesale, a company based in Australia, presents its IT226 Aluminum Square Carpet Tile Nosing. This product is created for utilization in inside installations, over steps made out of concrete or wood to boost the extent of wellbeing by affording a sure balance when going up and down steps. The profile is exclusively created to contain at least a six-millimeter carpet tile addition.

The Gist of Installing Carpet Tile Stair Treads

Stair Preparation

Before commencing to set up carpet on the stairs, initially detach any former flooring on them. Get rid of any other carpet padding and discard it. Clean the stairs off well and if any glue was utilized on them, eliminate it with either hot water or chemical remover. Let the stairs totally dry.

Test the stairs to guarantee that they are even and if they are eroded in the middle you might wish to employ a floor leveler to even them out.

Tread Installation

Measuring from the exposed side of the stairs, if there is any it is the finest position to commence due to walls not at all times being even. Measuring from the riser out will afford you the position to place the carpet tread to have them in the similar position on each step. The tape protector is afterward taken away and the carpet piece positioned.

Carpet tile stair nosings and treads can be found at any home improvement store. There are companies who can install them for homeowners or they can do it themselves.