Carpet Shield

Carpet ShieldCarpet shield is used for painting walls near a carpet. An inexpensive and relatively quick way of refreshing and updating a room is painting walls. Most of us try to paint rooms ourselves in our own way because we think we can paint neatly without having paint drips here and there. This is a difficult job because we cover carpet and furniture with newspapers that always shift therefore while painting the bottom of walls, we somehow drop paint on the carpet. If you have a shag-style carpet put a carpet shield by using some special tools of painting. You can easily paint in the areas that are near to the carpet. This article will guide you how to paint conveniently near carpet using carpet shield.

Purchase a self-adhering film so you can cover any type of carpet completely. You should be sure about which room you have to paint since the self-adhering film has an adhesive side and you will stick this side of film to the carpet, firmly. Try to get the film’s edge close to the wall’s edge.

Now get a masking tape. Stick 2 layers of the masking tape all around the room’s perimeter. Close all the gaps present in between the wall and the film. The tape will protect your carpet and will not let it move from its place. You are now done with a major step of protection.

Next press the masking tape down using a good putty knife. This you will do to hold down your carpet while painting the portion present on the bottom of wall. Try to paint in vertical direction, four inches above from the bottom of wall. Put paint strokes on the top and then painting downward. In this way you will prevent from building excess paint near your carpet. Utilizing all these techniques before beginning to paint is called carpet shield.

Give the paint enough time to dry. Now gradually remove the tools you have used as carpet shield. It means remove the tape and the masking film gradually. You will see that how efficiently and effectively you have painted the room without having a single drop of paint on the carpet.

You will observe that professional painters execute the same tactics while refreshing homes, offices and hotels. They work neatly without affecting any type of furniture or carpet present in the room. We often observe that paint builds up in rooms near the bottom edges of walls. This happens because the person who has painted the room did not put paint strokes in vertical direction just as we explained above.

Arranging a carpet shield while painting rooms is essential because cleaning paint drops from the carpet leads to an extra cost. Also chemicals present in paint affects the fabric quality of carpet. If you have fur carpets then make sure you arrange a carpet shield while painting your house. Fur carpets are very beautiful, unique and expensive. They require extra care and maintenance. Carpet shield is a must for fur carpets while painting walls.