Carpet Protector

Carpet ProtectorCarpet protectors are used in protecting the carpet from unwanted drop sand stains. One great thing with the carpet protector is that it enables your carpet to stay in good shape even after a very long time. When done professionally by certified experts, the carpet will tend to have resistance to any unwanted dirt or spill because it has a layer that acts as a shield thus preventing the unwanted materials from penetrating to the fibers of the carpet.

Carpet protectors are found in various forms. Some are in liquid form while other are in a thin, clear sheet which is spread over the carpet and tighten so as to look like there is nothing that has been added on top of the carpet. They can be used both at home as well as in the offices. In the office set-up, there are specific carpet protectors that are spread on the surface area where the chair revolves so as to prevent the movable chair from damaging the carpet.

They are made from different materials such as vinyl, plastic, rubber, adhesives among others. These sheet-like carpet protectors are spread over the surface of the actual carpet to cover the whole surface of that particular carpet. When spread in a correct manner, it forms a layer which becomes a guard thus protecting the carpet from any form of spills and dirt. These types of carpet protectors prolong the lifespan of the carpet and also reduce cost of cleaning the carpet from time to time.

The other type of carpet protector is one which comes in liquid form. This liquid is made of chemical compounds that add extra stain resistance to the carpet. In other words, it makes the carpet to repel any kind of dirt and spillage before they get into the fibers of the carpet and form a stain. By doing this, it enables the dirt to stick at the bottom of the shoes or feet rather than being absorbed into the carpet.

The good thing with the carpet protectors is that they greatly assist in effective and efficient washing or cleaning of the carpet since the dirt and the stains are easily removed from the carpet. Sheet-like protectors can be used for as long as they start to wear out. It can take several months depending on how you are taking care of it. When using liquid carpet protector, the amount that you will need depends on very many factors such as the environment, the type of the carpet as different carpets need varied amounts of the protector depending on the size and again, the amount needed will also depend on the amount of use that the carpet itself gets.

But another thing you need to know when you use the liquid carpet protector is that when it has been applied, the carpet will be stiff in terms of the general texture but with time and continuous use, it will reinstate it soft texture since exposure to use will ensure that it the stiffness breaks down gradually. You need to add the liquid protector on you r carpet more often especially after washing or vacuuming it.