Car Window Rubber Molding

Car Window Rubber MoldingCar Window Rubber Moldings can be described as rubber lining placed all-round the windows of a car on the inside. In most cases they are black and are, as suggested by the name made from rubber. The main function of the Car Window Rubber Moldings is protecting the edges of the windows from damage and from cracking. In addition car window rubber moldings also make it easy to roll the windows up and down when opening and closing. They also add a finishing to the interior of the car as well as providing firm support to the window. This means that if not for the rubber moldings, it is almost impossible to hold the glass windows of the car in place.

Car Window Rubber Moldings come already installed in the car when one purchases the car. However, one may want to remove the already installed ones and replace them with new ones for whatever reason, could be because they are worn out or maybe if one is changing the interior of the car. The best way to install a window molding is by fixing the molding onto the glass first and then putting the trim into the rubber followed by the glass, with the trim and molding on to the car at last.

In detail, the process for installing the molding is as follows: One should start by loading the adhesive into a sealant gun after ensuring that your clothing is well protected from the adhesive. After that, apply about an eighth of an inch of the adhesive along the edge of the glass starting from one end. Press the molding from the narrow end of the molding and continue all the way round. Ensure the corners are laid flat. After this, put the edges into about half an inch of tongue and add rubber to secure. Finally, wipe out any extra adhesive off with an adhesive cleaner a piece of clean cloth.

It is easy to maintain the car window rubber moldings because one can clean them when cleaning the rest of the car. One has to pay attention to the window rubber moldings because they tend to harbor a lot of dust and if it comes into contact with water over time it could result in clogging causing the windows not to open with ease and in extreme case to get stuck completely.
It is however important to make sure that bleaches are not used to clean the rubber moldings simply because they are black. If bleaches used then that automatically means that the moldings change color and fade. This eventually leaves the car looking bad and old even when it is old. It is advisable to use borax instead. Some examples of car window rubber molding cleaner include the Acrylic Werks, for cleaning especially gunge. Another example is the megiuers rubber trim cleaner restorer which is mainly used to clean paint stains or spots on the window moldings. It is most effective when the paint stains are not very old and dried out on the moldings. It is however advisable to use the Acrylic Werks to clean paint that has long been on the car rubber molding. To ensure that the car window rubber moldings retain their shine, after cleaning, one can use the car spray on the moldings.

To summarize what has already been discussed earlier as I conclude, one can see that car window rubber moldings are a very important part of the car since they support the windows firmly in place. Rubber moldings, just like any other part of the car need to be kept clean at all times, lest windows get stuck so that they do not open at ease or even at all.