BullnoseVisiting any home improvement warehouse will always give one an exposure of the numerous tiles which can be used for interior decorations. Bullnose tiles are some of the most common types of tiles which can be used to decorate either a kitchen or a bathroom. They are used in counter tops and at the corners especially when the corner is curved amongst other places. They are normally used when a relatively smooth corner is to be achieved in a design work.
These tiles serve the same purpose as other types of tiles. The only feature which makes it to be unique is the round edge. Its name is believed to have been originated from the round nose of a bull. Otherwise, it comes in different colors, sizes and texture depending on the manufacturer.

Choosing a tile depends on very many factors. This depends on the interior of the house which may include the ceiling boards, the walls and the furniture which may be placed in the house. All these depends on what on the kind of designs and colors one is comfortable with. Examples of bullnose tiles include:

The figure above shows a bullnose tile which is normally used for a granite counter tops.

This is another image of a bullnose opening tile.
There are very many types of bullnose tiles available in home improvement stores. Some of the most commonly used tiles include
– Rectangular
– Square
– Corner
They all serve very important purposes in the house interior design work. Let’s have a quick look at some of these common types of bullnose tiles.

The rectangular bullnose tiles
These types of tiles are commonly used in various kinds of installations. They are rectangular in shape. The most common size is 7.5 by 32.5 cm. They are relatively longer than the ordinary tiles. At the four edges, these tiles have a very smooth curve which at times can be designed in such a way that it becomes narrower as compared to other parts of the tile. They aren’t very much different from other types of tiles except for the round edges. They come in a wide range of colors with varied textures depending on where it is to be used. They are recommended when larger tiles are being used.
The square bullnose tiles.

These kinds of tiles are normally used when installing smaller tiles. In most cases they mostly measure 15 by 15 cm. They are also very popular just like the rectangular ones. When installed accurately, they provide an exemplary look. Just as the name suggests, the last tile must have a round edge.

The corner bullnose tiles
These kinds of tile are widely used while installing wall tiles and backsplash regions. These tiles are unique in such a way that they have two rounded edges unlike the common types which has only one edge. Just like the square ones, these types of tiles are widely used when one is using smaller-sized tiles.
Be careful to choose the one which suits your house best, be it for countertops or floors.