Bullnose Tile

Bullnose TileBullnose tile never comes in a standard style or shape but it is available in various color, size and shape with the only feature remaining, the rounded edge. It is commonly used at the top of shower walls, top edge of kitchen backsplash etc. There are different types of tiles but the bullnose tile is one of the most popular kinds of tile since it has various applications.
It is designed to provide you with a more completed edge if you are not only installing tiles on the floor. With a variety of styles and options that come in with various bullnose tiles, you have a wide and broad choice of selecting the one that suits your needs and preference. The following are the various styles that the bullnose tile is in.

Rectangular Bullnose
The most common types of the bullnose tile come in a rectangular shape. For this type of bullnose tile has the dimensions in the region close to 3*13 inches thus giving you the opportunity of outlining the field tile with some few samples available. In most cases, the bullnose edge, or rather the rounded off edge is always the longest. Thus from the previous example, the 13 inches would be the bullnose edge.

However, despite having the rectangular bullnose as the most common, it is also possible to find others in different dimensions, and once again as from the previous example, the three inch side is where the bullnose is put. But you can find rectangular bullnose for various types of tile since it is widely used style of bullnose. It should be made with same color and in the same batch as those of the field tile. This provides you with the professional option for completing the tile installation sides.

Square Bullnose
This is the other common types of the bullnose tile; square bullnose. For this type of tile is usually seen as working for the smaller tiles. Its common dimensions are in the region of 4*4 inch and 6*6 inch tiles. A square bullnose field piece will frequently be the actual size as that of the field tile. This gives you a spectacular look since it appears as the last tile piece with a rounded edge on it. Typically, it is best when being used by tiles that are alike, or look the same. But if you are working with larger tiles the rectangular ones are the best.

Corner Bullnose
This is also another most common form of bullnose tile which has a number of applications. It is commonly used in installing any form of wall tile or a backsplash area. A corner bullnose is a piece of tile which has two rounded edges unlike other common bullnose tiles that have a single standard edge. It is used where you have a piece of tile that is not touching a wall from either sides thus the need of two finished edges, corner bullnose. It is also common when working with small sized tiles.