Brass Door Kick Plates From Lowe’s

Brass Door Kick Plates From Lowe'sA door kick plate is a piece of metal, that you can apply on the lower part of your door in order to protect it from damages. If you are looking for the best product in the market, then buy your brass door kick plates from Lowe’s.

Lowe’s is a multinational company that manufactures pretty much everything: from building supplies (like dry walls, roofing and gutters), to kitchen supplies (meaning kitchen cabinets, sinks, faucets, etc); it manufactures indoor equipment (like refrigerators and washing machines, as well as outdoor equipment (like lawn machines and fences). Among the various categories, one also comes across products like brass door kick plates that are used both for protective and for decorative reasons.

Brass door kick plates from Lowe’s are very strong and endurable, that will definitely last through the course of time. The strength of brass as a material ultimately guarantees the best possible protection from your door. Once you install the, you will have nothing to worry about. Even if you kick the door by accident, or your pet eagerly pushes it to come in or go out, your door will be secure and free from scratches and dents. Moreover such kick plates are easy to install them yourself: all you need is a measuring tape, a driller, a few screws, and the will to do it. Use the tape to measure how far apart the plate’s four holes are from one another, and then use the driller to drill the holes to your done. Wipe the door clean, position the plate properly, and use the screws to install it: as simple as that. Installing brass door kick plates from Lowe’s shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes a piece.

As already mentioned door kick plates are there to serve a very practical purpose, namely to prevent damages to your door when kicking it by accident. Nevertheless, brass door kick plates from Lowe’s will not only do that, but they will also add an aesthetic touch to your place, whether it is an interior or an exterior use that you have in mind. Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc and the proportions of those two elements can account for pieces of brass that vary in color and in their properties. As a result, the color of brass door kick plates from Lowe’s can be buttery yellow, but it can also have lighter a darker shades like a bright yellowish color or a dark reddish color (the darker shades ultimately means more copper in the mix), as well as other shades. After exposure to weather phenomena like moisture, atmospheric gases, and of course oxygen, brass turns into a rather brownish color, a shade which came to be known as patina. Nowadays, this colored coating can be added to brass through a certain chemical process, and needless to say that such patina brass door kick plates from Lowe’s is also a very popular choice among buyers.

What are you waiting for? Find the supplier that is closer to your place and buy your own brass door kick plates from Lowe’s. And if this seems like too much trouble, simply browse through the company’s site and order them online.