Bed Bugs On Clothes

Bed Bugs On ClothesAre you scared to see pests in your home? Have you seen a bed bug recently on your bed? If yes, then chances are that you would get more scared in coming days as there may be bed bugs on clothes too.

With the rapid increase in number of bed bugs in last few years, more and more people try to find out ways to keep their beds clean and tidy in order to reduce the bed bug infestation. However, not many know that if the infestation has happened, then clothes are at danger too.
It is very important to treat bed bug infested clothes with proper care and attention. Most of these blood sucking pests enter our homes through our travel baggage. Travelers usually bring them to home from hotels and inns where they had stayed for vacation or when on official tour.

If you have found these nasty pests hiding in your clothing or you just want to be proactive, here are some of the ways which can help you to get rid of them from your clothes:

– Hot water bath – Hot water bath is effective for human beings as it helps in reenergizing. The bath or wash is equally good for bed bug infested clothes as washing the clothes in water with temperature more than 120 degrees is apt for killing bed bugs of all stages. Make sure you wash the clothes as soon as you return from the travel. If you think washing clothes that early is not possible, then bag your clothes and wash them separately.

– Get your clothes dry cleaned- It may be a little expensive but this would ensure that the beds bugs do not infest the other clothes at home. Bed bugs on clothes can be more difficult if they start spreading in other clothes. Taking them to a dry cleaner will help you keeping the other clothes safe.

– Treat with sun and plastic – Bed bugs on clothes can also be removed by treating the clothes under the sun. The process involves keeping the clothes in a plastic bag under the sun. A thermometer is placed inside and the clothes are left until the temperature reaches 120 degrees. At this temperature the bed bugs in all stages die on their own.

– Placing in heating units – Clothes infested with bed bugs can also be treated in heating units. Heating units are the machine which can be used for placing clothes individually in it or as complete luggage. So, if you have just returned from travelling, then it is wise to place the entire bag in portable heating unit. The bed bugs from the luggage outside and as well as inside will all are killed. However, while doing so one must check the clothes labels so that they do not get spoilt in such high temperature.

With all these ways, the bed bugs on clothes usually get killed. However, if you still see some remains left on the clothes as the infestation was bad, then it is suggested to re- wash the clothes in order to get rid of the dead bugs too.