Bed Bug Detector

Bed Bug DetectorA bed bug detector is a major breakthrough in finding bed bugs at home. These blood sucking little bugs can be easily detected with the help of a homemade bed bug detector. Bed bugs come into your home from luggage, packaging materials etc. and once they enter your home the only two ways to get rid of them completely is through bed bug heat treatment and freezing the area infected by bed bugs.

With bed bugs becoming rampant nowadays it is important to have a bed bug detector secured at home. If you have spotted swollen red welts on your hand, face, legs and body, but are not sure whether if they are bed bug bites, then by using a bed bug detector will help you to know whether your house is actually infested with these tiny bugs or not. If you think your house is infested with bed bugs but want to be extra sure about it before calling in the pest control specialists, then here are some tips on how you can build your very own bed bug detector.

Tips On How To Make A Bed Bug Detector At Home

1. Take an insulated thermos jug having a capacity of 1/3 gallon. This insulated jug should ideally have a spout for it to work better. Fill this insulated thermos jug with 2 _ pounds of dry ice pellets. These dry ice pellets made from frozen carbon dioxide evaporates very slowly.

2. After filling the thermos jug with the pellets, cover the top portion of the jug with a lid and leave the spout open, so that the evaporated dry ice can travel and spread out in the room. This carbon dioxide evaporated from the dry ice resembles the respiration method of human beings, thereby attracting the bed bugs to the thermos jug.

3. Take a cat or a dog food dish that is big enough for a thermos jug to fit into. Cover the outside surface of the dish with paper, so that the bed bugs can easily climb onto the dish. Now dust the insides of the dish with talcum powder and desiccant dust, so that once the bed bugs climb into the dish they are unable to get out due to the slippery surface. You can use two types of desiccant dust like diatomaceous earth and Dri-die for dusting the inside of the dish.

4. Once the cat or dog food dish is ready, place the filled thermos jug in the center of the dish and your bed bug detector is now complete. Place this detector in any corner of the room and let it sit there for 24 hours maximum. You may see the results after two or three days to know if your house is infested with bed bugs or not.
With your very own bed bug detector at home, you now don’t have to spend extra money in hiring the costly services of pest control specialists in your locality. This bed bud detector will not only help in detecting the bugs but will also help in trapping them! So get started on this do-it-yourself bed bug detector and get rid of these bugs for good!