Auto Carpet Adhesive Protection Film

Auto Carpet Adhesive Protection FilmIf you are looking for a good way to protect your carpets from dirt and dust, as well as any wear and damages that can occur due to heavy foot traffic, then auto carpet adhesive protection film is definitely the way to go.

An auto carpet adhesive protection film is basically an adhesive tape made from polymer plastic, a synthetic or semi-synthetic material that is known for its ability to be molded. In this case, the auto carpet adhesive protection film is wrapped around a roller, so that it can be easily installed. All you need to do is to mentally (or physically with the help of a marker) define the area that you wish to cover and then simply roll out the adhesive tape with the sticky side facing the carpet. The installation process is also made easy by the fact that the film is perforated so that you can cut it with ease.

An auto carpet adhesive protection film can have a wide range of applications. The obvious one is to apply it on you living room carpet (or in any other room) in cases of renovations and remodeling, since you always run the risk of damaging your carpets whenever you are moving your furniture from one place to another, let alone the fact that carpets always get dirty. Another application for an auto carpet adhesive protection film is to install it on your car carpet. An excuse to do so, for example, would be to take a trip to the countryside or go for picnic, where you know your shoes are going to be filled with dirt and grass. Instead of bringing this dirt inside your car and making a mess of your carpets, you can thing one step ahead and apply as much auto carpet adhesive protection as you need to cover the area below your feet, thus avoiding the trouble of having to clean up your floorboard after a nice picnic with your loved ones.

Alternatively, you can also apply auto carpet adhesive protection film on broken windows, for its thick plastic layer can keep it together and prevent additional damage, as well as prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust inside the window cracks until you fix them.

Adhesive protection films are available in many sizes. Most of them, however, are usually 24″ wide and they vary in length. Standard sizes are 24″ x 100′ and, 24″ x 200′, 24″ x 300, 24″ x 600′, and 24″ x 1000′, with the film’s thickness being approximately 5 mm, while a typical auto carpet adhesive protection film is perforated every 8.5″, every 15.5″, or 24″. This might sound like a very lengthy film, and it is indeed! Especially if you take into account that a 600′ roller can cover effectively the driver’s and the co-driver’s floorboards for about 171 cars. And as surprising as it might, the amount of money that you would have to pay for the whole protection film be would be about 130 dollars plus or minus 20. In other words, for whatever use you might have in mind, simply stop reading this post and order your auto carpet adhesive protection film now!