Anti-Slip Flooring

Anti-Slip FlooringAnti-slip flooring products is provides one of the safest ways to ensure that the coefficient of friction on a floor of any material is adjusted to an extent that uses will be free from slipping. Skidding can cause serious damage especially if the victims are not careful. For example, the floor users may break their legs of land on dangerous materials especially in industries where machine are every running. The type of anti-slip flooring material to be used will depend on the material the floor is made up of floor can be made of vinyl, metal wood, ceramic material or natural stones. Each material has its own coefficient of friction and thus cannot be given the same treatment. For example, people walking bare feet on a try floor made of wood may not skid easily as compared to those using floors made of ceramic materials with the same conditions as wood.

There are very many types of anti-slip substances available in both local and online stores at available prices. These may include anti slip tapes, coatings or carpets. Most of these item are affordable and can easily be installed in or on the floor. However, there are a number of factors which should be considered while choosing the right type of ant-slip flooring material. It is important to establish factors which increases the possibility of slipping. For instance, a floor made of natural stone will be very slippery when soppy water is sprinkled on it. At the same time, it will not be realistic to use a woolen carpet on a surface which is mostly exposed to water or other fluid. It may prove to be very difficult to maintain such types of materials.
Generally, anti-slip flooring can be done in two major ways; it can either be a permanent treatment to the floor of a temporary treatment to the floor.

Most permanent treatment are mostly used in industries, washroom or corridors. But how is this permanent treatment done? The anti-slip material can be mixed with the substance which is being used to make the floor. For instance, instead of using pure cement to make a floor, small pieces of stones can be added to help reduce chances of slipping by increasing friction. This ensures that the floor become anti-slip until it wears out.

On the other hand, temporary anti-slip treatments refers to various procedures which can be used to make the floor anti-slip but can only last for a very short period of time. These may include painting the floor using a certain types of paints, using anti-slip tapes or carpets to increase coefficient of friction. This method is only suitable where factors which cause the floor to be slippery can be controlled. A good example is the living room floor.

To avoid any embarrassment, it is advisable to keen on notices in most public places where no anti-slip flooring techniques has been used as they always warn the floor users of the possibility of skidding.

Different technologies have been employed to reduce the possibility of skidding not only on the floor itself but also on the kind of shoes available in various stores.

Non-Skid Stairs

Non-Skid StairsStairs are one of the most commonly used construction design. Stairs can be round, straight or spiral depending on the surrounding they are being installed. Stairs are an essential part of any house. They make the house look more homely and elegant. Despite their beauty and use, stairs are considered to be a leading cause of accidents and injuries. Whether wooden or tiled, stairs tend to become slippery and sneaky in all seasons.

Non skid stairs are not a fantasy rather a reality brought into action. There are numerous ways and measures to make non skid stairs to prevent yourself and your family from any mishaps. Make your stairs non skid by using a non slip solution on the floor or by installing stair treads glued to the stairs.

It’s never too late to fix in non skid stairs. Stair treads is one measure for a slippery stair case. Easily available at any home department store, are small pieces of carpets which can be glued or nail to the stairs makes it less prone to accidents. Stair treads come in multiple colours, designs and shapes which you can choose from. This serves the purpose of creating a non skid stairway. They look elegant in different designs and enhance the look of your house. Easy to maintain, wash and clean stair treads provide the best safety for you.

An added measure for a non skid stairs include no skidding anti slip tape. They are a brilliant and reasonable choice for indoor and outdoor stairs and have a great slip resistant power. Available in a wide variety of colours and design anti slip tapes are easy to use. Just stick the tape on the edges of the stairs and your non skid stairs are ready.

A tremendous innovation for a non skid stair ways includes installation of a stair nosing. These provide extra protection and safety, and work best for both indoor and outdoor stairs. Stair nosing consists of bars which are attached to the stairs. They come different materials, colours and design, and justify the purpose of creating the perfect non skid stair way.

One of the simplest and cheapest methods to own non skid stairs includes the production of non skid sprays or anti slip spray coating. Easy and economical, all you have to do is spray the solution on the stairs and wait it to dry, and voila! Your non skid stairs are ready.

Not just in residential stairs. Non skid stair way measures can be taken into account in commercial areas like shopping malls, schools, hospitals etc where the stairs are prone to heavy traffic and use. Installing and applying these measures will not only make the stairs less slippery but will also protect the stairs from scratches and wear off.

Your life has value, so does the life of your loved ones. Don’t be careless, safeguard it. Take measures and make non skid stairs. There is a wide range of measures to choose from in making your life accident free.

Non-slip Stair Treads For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is considered to be of the highest quality. Having hardwood flooring and stairs is a very classy and sophisticated choice. It is costly and quite expensive too. But hardwood stairways can lead to accidents such as falls and slips and it needs your immediate attention.

How can you prevent people from tripping down the hardwood stairs and getting injured? There is a way out and it is pretty simple and easy. All you need to do is install non-slip stair treads for hardwood. This one simple step can save thousands of people from getting injured.

Majority of the corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, industrial buildings or any commercial buildings have hardwood stairways. Hardwood stairways enhance the beauty and appearance of your interior as well as the exterior décor. These are the places where there is heavy volume of foot traffic.

In all probability people using the stairs might lose balance and topple down to the bottom of the stairs and end up with really serious injuries. If you are the owner of any of the commercial or industrial buildings, you are sure to be in trouble with lawsuits and compensation charges when an employee or customer gets injured due to the grave conditions of the stairs.

It is of utmost importance that commercial buildings as well as the industrial sectors employ non-slip stair treads for hardwood stairways in the buildings. This is also required to stand by the standards set by the safety measures for commercial buildings where the common public use the stairways.

Non-slip stair treads for hardwood is a vital component of any building whether it is your home or workplace. This is a simple safety measure that insures people against unnecessary slips and falls. When you can rely on such an impressive non-slip resistant product you have peace of mind without concerning about nasty falls down the stairs.

When the non-slip stair treads for hardwood is fitted with your stairs, you don’t face any trouble or difficulty moving up and down the stairs. The non slip stair treads provides the perfect grip and traction between your feet and the surface area of the stairs. Thus, it becomes easier for you to maintain your body balance and avoid slipping and falling down the stairs.

Koffler sales offer wealth of options while considering non-slip stair treads for hardwood. There are variety of colors and sizes available to choose. Thus, you can match and compliment the color of the non slip stair threads with that of the walls and floor colors.

Rubber, vinyl and metal non-slip stair treads for hardwood are the favorite options for both commercial as well residential buildings. These stair threads of different materials are appropriate for both interior as well as exterior applications.

The non-slip stair treads for hardwood is designed to fulfill anti slip purpose anywhere. There are similar products available in the market extensively. But there is hardly any other online retail site like Koffler sales that can deliver you with the standard and quality of non-slip stair treads for hardwood.

Non Slip Treads For Wood

Your wooden staircases are indeed attractive to look at and people can’t stop praising when they visit your place. Unfortunately you suddenly slip down and twist your ankle and have bruises all over your body.

This is totally embarrassing for you as well as your guests. Wooden stairs are very beautiful and add style statement to your interior décor but it is dangerous and unsafe since finished wood are slippery which means nasty falls and getting badly hurt.

You can make your stairways less slippery and more comfy.  Making your staircases safer is possible by installing non slip treads for wood. There are many options available but this one is particularly more convenient and inexpensive.

Non slip treads for wood is easily available at Koffler sales at the best possible price. The non slip treads for wooden stairs forbids you, your family members, friends, guests etc from slipping and falling down the stairways.

Non slip treads for wood that is available at Koffler sales is appropriate for both interior and exterior applications. This makes any stairway of your building safe and slip resistant. You can easily install the non slip treads for wooden stairs and the maintenance is simple as well.

Koffler sales offer you multiple designs and sizes of non slip treads for wood that certainly compliments the décor of your house. The best part about the non slip stair treads is that it gives full protection to the wooden stairs without causing any damage to your wood.

When you attach non slip treads for wood it stays firmly right in place without slipping and sliding. Thus, you don’t have to worry about anything. Moreover it is also very easy to remove the dirt from the non slip treads.

Wooden finished stairs are extremely dangerous when children wearing socks move up and down the stairs carelessly. Even elderly people are prone to accidents by tumbling down the stairs. The non slip treads for wood offers a non slip resistant surface and prevents any further mishaps.

The non slip treads for wood is also beneficial for heavily trafficked areas. Apart from homes, it is also used in commercial buildings like hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, schools and so on. The non slip treads for wooden stairs is compatible with the standards set by the safety and precautionary measures.

If you run a business and your office boasts of wooden stairs it becomes all the more important to install non slip treads for wood. There are so many employees and customers visiting your office regularly using the wooden stairways. If any customer or employee trips down and gets injured, you are for real trouble.

Don’t risk with the life of your employees and customers or else you have to spend money on compensation charges and lawsuits. Don’t you think it is better to invest money once for non slip treads for wood and provide safety to the people? Along with extending the durability of your wooden stairways, you also protect people and add a style statement to your staircases.

Non Slip Tape For Stairs

Did you have the horrible experience of slipping down the stairs of your house? It might have hurt you a lot. Do you still have the nightmares of skidding and falling down the staircases? You don’t have to fear anymore when you apply non slip tape for stairs at your place.

Non slip tape for stairs is the hottest selling products in the market today. There are numerous online retail stores that guarantee to deliver the best anti skid products. Don’t get overpowered with false promises and invest money on wrong products. is known for its impressive customer services and amazing price rates. You can easily purchase non slip tape for stairs since they are extremely cheap and inexpensive. What are you thinking? Protect yourself and others from dangerous skids and falls.

Normally it has been found that the staircases of offices are the most common and dangerous areas where people are mostly injured due to slips. It is mainly because the stairs are wet or oily due to spills of water or any other things and also because of the uneven staircase flooring.

Non slip tape for stairs is an excellent means to help preventing such incidents. This is quick and very effective solution to avoid any unwanted situations like getting slipped from staircases. It is indeed very embarrassing to slip and fall in public areas. But more than that there is every possibility of suffering from serious injuries.

Non slip tape for stairs is long lasting and can withstand any kind of extreme weather circumstances. It is suitable for application in both interior and exterior staircases. It is particularly useful for those staircases that are regularly prone to wet conditions.

If you buy non slip tape for stairs from Koffler sales you are guaranteed of high quality product that won’t give you any chance of complains. Give a try and see how the anti skid tapes for stairs from Koffler sales are different from the rest.

The danger of slipping down the stairs is nothing new. There are millions of people getting slipped every day at homes and offices and getting bruised and injured. Don’t let this happen to you and your family and near and dear ones. Use non slip tape for stairs and stay protected.

Staircases are one such area of your house or workplace that should never be overlooked. Most of the accidents occur slipping down the stairs. Non slip tape for stairs offers the immediate and complete solution.

Koffler sales offer non slip tape for stairs in various shapes and sizes for convenience of fitting on staircases. It is perfect for entrance or doorway stairs, public areas and school and office staircases, hospitals and even swimming pool stairs etc. In fact it is suitable for those places where there is a chance of getting slipped.

Make your house and workplace safer by using non slip tape for stairs and avoid the danger of slipping. It goes without saying that it is an inexpensive but effective measure designed to give complete protection to people against outdoor as well as indoor skids and falls.

Non Skid Stair Treads Exterior

There is every possibility that the exterior stairways of your building are not in the perfect shape and cracks and breaks have been noticed.

This can lead to serious problems as it becomes accident prone. Don’t you want to protect the stairs and those people who frequently move up and down using the weary stairs of your building? The easiest way to fix the problem is by installing the inexpensive non skid stair treads exterior.

You can get non skid stair treads exterior from Koffler sales in many different colors. This means you can match the stair treads with the color of the walls and floor that actually enhances the appearance of your building.

Koffler sales also offer different sizes of non skid stair treads exterior that can be perfectly fitted with the exterior stairways of your building. In case the size of the stairs doesn’t match up with the products available at koffler sales, you can even customize the size and fit according to the size of your stairs.

Usually the exterior stairways of any building get slippery due to the weather conditions like rainfall and snow. It becomes extremely difficult to move up and down the stairways that are covered with snow. You can’t do anything about the natural phenomenon like snowfall or rain.

But there is a solution to protect the stairs as well as prevent people from any mishaps like slipping down the stairs and getting injured. All you need to do is purchase non skid stair treads exterior from Koffler sales at an affordable rate and install it on your stairways.

Non skid stair treads exterior is extensively used in commercial and industrial buildings keeping in mind the safety and security of thousands of employees and customers. The exterior stairways of the industrial and commercial buildings are always engaged with lot of people climbing up and down the stairs. Hence, the safety of the stairs and the people must be the primary concern.

The materials used to manufacture non skid stair treads exterior is strong enough to withstand any extreme weather conditions that also meets the standards of anti slip qualities. Thus, it protects the exterior stairways of your building from all kinds of weather conditions and is also long lasting without any cracking or chipping.

Exterior Non-slip Stair Teads

Are you fed up with your exterior stairways during the winter times? Perhaps you get sick of removing all the snow from the staircases that gets accumulated during winter season. You are well aware of the difficulties it takes to move up and down the icy stairways.

You might be wondering whether there is any solution or not. Koffler sales give you the reason to smile and breathe a sigh of relief. You can purchase exterior non-slip stair treads from at a reasonable rate and install it on your exterior stairs.

By installing the exterior non-slip stair treads on your outdoor stairways you are insuring the lives of so many people. When the exterior stairways of your building become slippery and unsafe due to snow and rainfall, you are probably aware of the danger and risk involved with your exterior stairs.

The hazardous weather conditions make the outdoor stairways of your building highly dangerous and unsafe for anyone to climb up and down the stairs. People slip and fall and get badly injured. Don’t let this happen to anyone. You can avoid the mishaps and unwanted accidents by installing exterior non-slip stair treads.

Most of the commercial buildings are using exterior non-slip stair treads to abide the terms and conditions of the safety measures. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, shops, schools, hospitals, offices etc. This anti slip stair tread is an insurance that helps you to avoid any kind of lawsuits and compensation charges.

The widely used exterior non-slip stair treads are made of either rubber or vinyl. There are different types of materials used for manufacturing the exterior non-slip stair treads and Koffler sales give you the option to select from a wide array of products. You select the one that suits you the best.

Apart from residential and commercial buildings, exterior non-slip stair treads are also popular in industrial buildings. Normally the exterior stairways of industrial buildings are prone to the spilling of oil, grease and other lubricating product that makes the stairways extremely slippery that requires immediate attention.

Exterior non-slip stair treads is the immediate solution that can prevent thousands of employees and customers in the industrial buildings from slipping down the stairways and seriously getting injured. Whether your exterior stairways become unsafe and dangerous due to weather conditions like snow and rainwater or due to man-made factors like spilling of oil, water, grease or any other product, the stair treads takes care of everything.

You might have used many stair treads to protect the exterior stairways of your building and prevent any falls and slips but the products didn’t last long. Purchase exterior non-slip stair treads from Koffler sales and you will be surprised to find the amazing durability and impressive functions of the stair treads.

Exterior stairways are one of the most dangerous areas of your building that can’t be ignored at any cost. You must install the exterior non-slip stair treads before anybody in your building skids down the stairs and gets hurt.

Non Slip Stair Treads For Wood

non trip stair treads for wood

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Persons everywhere are investing in non slip stair treads for wood made of aluminum. Many good reasons exist for using the non slip stair tread option; however, the primary reason is non slip stair treads for wood present a more permanent solution as compared to non-slip tape. Many reviewers of the product have mentioned the non-slip tape; although, working quite well as a temporary solution peels off in about a year.

Generally-speaking, when going about your day-to-day activities; you may not notice it is time to replace the tape. One reviewer said once his wood stairs became wet he nearly went sliding; fortunately, he caught himself in just the nick of time. He confided that the non-slip tape he had placed on his wood stairs the year prior had already peeled off.

Immediately installing non slip stair treads for wood provides a ready more permanent solution. Aluminum non slip stair treads for wood are also used as a solution instead of non-skid paint.

The non slip stair treads for wood are specifically made for use on wood. Uses include boat ramps and decks, wood basement stairs, porch steps and other areas on your property where it is you have wood stairs.

Homeowners and businesses like the fact aluminum non slip stair treads for wood are reasonable as far as cost; especially since they present a more permanent solution over other applications, as mentioned above.

Number 8 stainless steel self tapping pan head screws are the only hardware items you will need to purchase in order to properly install the aluminum non slip stair treads. Of course you will need to have the proper tools to install the treads in addition to the hardware. However, application does not take that long, and the durable treads last longer than other non-skid solutions.

It is wise to make the investment of a more permanent non slip solution since falling on stairs rates high as a cause of accident. Commercial establishments and residential property owners can also reduce the potential for liability as well as keep all persons who visit; work or live on their properties safe.

Most individuals agree the most cost-effective approach in minimizing the risk of a serious fall on wood steps is to install aluminum non slip treads. The non slip stair treads for wood made of durable aluminum, once again, provide appealing price points and present a more permanent solution than other non-skid applications in addressing issues of safety.

Non Skid Stair Treads Exterior

non skid stair treads exterior

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Outside stairways are vulnerable to many conditions which could make them become slippery and dangerous to use. Weather, spills, and debris are just a few examples of things that can land on stairs and cause an accident. Non skid stair treads exterior use can prevent many of these conditions from impacting the safety of customers, employees and family. Once applied properly, they give a long lasting and secure surface that can be used with confidence.

Metal non skid stair treads exterior are one type of material that can be used. Made from a high quality aluminum, they provide traction beyond the standards set by ADA and OHSA for safety on stairways. Abrasive particles are made into strips that are then imbedded into the aluminum. There is a wide choice of colors with the added safety factor of a sightline strip which make up the first 3 strips on each step. Metal non skid stair treads have the added versatility of being able to be installed over virtually any material and the treads are made to order.

Fiberglass is another option for non skid stair treads exterior use. Equally suitable for existing or new structures and available in solid colors, two-tone or glow in the dark, fiberglass is versatile and attractive. Heavy duty fibergalss is available in six grades, ranging from extra fine, suitable for showers, boats, all the way up to super coarse which can hold up to the most severe and extreme conditions and use. Detailed installation instruction and advice are available and holes can be ordered predrilled.These also exceed OHSA requirements for non slip protection.

Rubber non skid stair treads exterior are designed to tackle every hazard. The rubber, 100% recycled material is effective in every weather extreme. The diamond shaped raised tread allows debris to fall to the bottom, reducing falls caused by slipping on foreign objects. They are square nosed and come in lengths of 36″ to 72 inches. Available in black only.

Non skid stair treads are an economical and attractive answer to improving stairway safety in your home, business or recreational area. Any building or structure that has exterior stairs should install non skid stair treads exterior.

Exterior Non Slip Stair Treads

exterior non slip stair treads

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We have the solution to make your outside stairs safer. Take a close look at the stairs outside and see if they have any problems that could turn into a bigger problem. The best method to use to make these steps safe again is by installing exterior non slip stair treads made of metal with metal nosings. We offer a wide variety of exterior non slip stair treads and nosings which means many colors and nose profiles.

Anti-slip metal stair treads & nosings from Koffler Sales are available in many different colors. Our metal treads and nosings are custom made. Our outside stair tread and nosing products are custom made. The treads are mounted to the steps and are also mounted to the top of the steps with adhesive.

Our exterior non slip stair treads comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as OSHA requirements for their anti-slip regulations. Meeting the Federal standards for stair treads means that these treads are qualified to help prevent your stairs from being slippery and to keep people safe. Our metal exterior non-slip stair treads are mounted into the nosings, and the nosings are then mounted into the steps. This gives you assurance that they will remain affixed to the step.

This product is a cost-efficient and easy to install solution to minimize the risks associated with slips and falls. This product can also make cracked or chipped boards look so much better.

Our exterior non slip stair treads are manufactured extruded aluminum with a special traction surface that is made of privately formulated epoxy abrasive non-slip bits that form permanently integrated strips that are mounted in the aluminum tread. We make stair treads that will glow in the dark making the stair edge clearly visible. The sightline is clearly identifiable in the dark.

Our exterior non slip stair treads are 9/32 inch thick with pre-drilled and counter sunk mounting holes. Our treads are made to order to so we are certain to meet your requirements with a high quality product. all of our products are high quality and designed to meet your needs for safety and appearance.