Be Safe Hanging Holiday Lights

It’s that time of year when everyone is decorating their homes or businesses with holiday cheer. While most people plan their lighting design and where to place decorations, not very many plan for safety. A slip or fall this time of year can really put a damper on your holiday celebrations, so use our tips for a healthy and happy holiday season!

Koffler Sales Holiday Lights Safety

Electrical cord protectorsExtension Cord Protectors help keep your electrical outlets safe. This nifty little device costs only $5 and prevents damage to electrical cords. If loose cords in a high traffic area will be a problem, we suggest you look into adding Fastlane Cable Protectors to keep your lighting display accident-free.

Always turn off the electricity at the circuit box while working with electrical wires. Just because there isn’t something plugged into the wall yet or the light switch on does not mean that there still isn’t a live current that can shock you. Take the extra 60 seconds to do things the right way – your finger tips will thank us.

Make a ladder safer with non slip tapeWhen putting up a holiday display, most will use a ladder to place decorations higher up. Make the ladder you already own safer by adding Non Slip Tape to the rungs. This simple trick will be especially useful if you are hanging decorations outside where your shoes may become slick from water on the ground.

Corner Guards are wonderful to have all year long, but they are good to have this time of year when ladders and boxes can knick or chip your wall’s corners. We recommend our peel and stick on corner guards because they are very quick, easy and safe to install.

Finally, remember to unplug as many electronic devices as you can when you are not home. Accidental fires do happen and they can be made worse when a dry Christmas tree is present. Your safety always comes first!

If you used a Koffler product in your holiday display, we want to see it! Please email us a picture, and we’ll post it to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages!


Stay Safe on Tile with Our Tips

Keep you and your family safe when using a tile surface. Tile is an excellent floor material, because it is durable, attractive and easy to keep clean, but it also comes with its own share of risks. When using a tile surface, be careful of slippery surfaces and broken pieces. Fortunately, it is easy to keep you and others safe on tile using some clever products.

Bath and shower grip tape to prevent tile accidentsWhenever water hits tile, it can become slippery. A non-slip grip tape designed for your bath and shower will help keep people safe while using your bathroom. There are also thicker, industrial versions that are perfect for a pool area!

Koffler Sales offers top-notch commercial bath and shower tape by leading brands 3M and KSC in a variety of dimensions.

Be sure to keep a close eye out for water left on the tile, so you will not slip and fall. Tile is a very hard surface and it is very easy to get a large painful bruise or break a small bone after falling on tile.

Floor-mats-for-home-office-gym-shops-hotelMats can also help prevent tile accidents. By absorbing liquids and providing a grip surface, a good mat will prevent slipping and falling on tile. Consider using a mat to absorb water in your entrance way for your shop, hotel, office or home. You can also use commercial grade mats outside of showers in a locker room (we recommend this style) or any space that has water on tile.

A mat will also be able to temporary cover a broken tile before it is replaced safely. Broken tiles over have jagged edges that can cut bare skin or damage shoes.

Roppe Vinyl Edge Trim - ADA wheelchair compliant Tile can have very sharp edges, so to prevent accidents as people walk from one flooring material to a tiled area, we recommend adding a piece of edging trim for a smooth (and safe!) transition. Keep in mind that if two flooring surfaces are not flush with each other, people can trip. A piece of edge trim will cover any unevenness and will make the surface easier to use for people in wheelchairs too.

Whether you want vinyl edge trim by Roppe or slim line transition edging by Johnsonite, Koffler Sales offers a wide selection to help you find the perfect product for your home, office, or hotel.

What should you do if you do accidentally slip and fall? If you are 100% sure that you have not broken a bone or suffered a moderate soft tissue injury (in which case, seek emergency medical treatment immediately), consider using a bag of frozen vegetables as an ice pack. Press firmly on the bruise to reduce blood flow to the area (compression reduces bruising). After 24 hours, switch from cold therapy to hot with either an electric blanket or hot water compresses.

Stay safe, friends!

Clever Ways to Hack Wall and Floor Protection Supplies

Every month, Koffler Sales accepts photo entries of completed projects using the products we sell for as part of a customer appreciation giveaway. We are continuously blown away by the clever ways to hack wall and floor protection supplies. While many of the product photos on our website show uses for hospitals, schools and factories, our customers come up with clever hacks for their own products like hula hoops, Kegerators, kitchen remodels and even raising goats!

Charlie and Mylo

One of our customers manufactures the pupRUNNER, a carrier for your pets so they can join you for family walks or an after work run. They use our Non-Slip Grip Tape to ensure that pets can stay on safely.







Cool game table ideas DIY

In preparation for his daughter going away to college at University of Virginia, one proud dad (and customer) used our orange Reflection Tape behind LED tube lighting to amplify the orange color. Without a doubt, his daughter will love her game table while away for school!






Non slip grip tape for farms and livestock workers

This was definitely a first for us: One Koffler customer used our Non-Slip Tape to create a ramp structure for her goats to play on.





Red and black kitchen renovation with Diamond Plate Sheet DIY

Instead of spending an arm and a leg for marble or custom tile, one smart and thrifty customer used our Stainless Steel Diamond Plate material to create a trendy custom kitchen.





Which project is your favorite? 

Remember, when you purchase from Koffler Sales, please send us a picture of your completed project. You could win a $100 Visa gift card!

Becoming Handicap Accessible

Making your business or home handicap accessible, even if you are not in a wheelchair, can be the right choice for your property. If you are a business owner, you likely want to create an inviting atmosphere for all customers. As a homeowner, small changes can make your home more inviting to elder relatives and guests who need better accessibility.

non slip tape handicap accessible ramp A handicap accessible ramp is a must-have for wheelchair users who cannot use stairs. But ramps can get slick or icy in bad weather, making them dangerous for use. To prevent slips, falls and accidents on ramps, try applying non slip grip tape to the ramp. This is a very affordable fix and under $10 per roll at Koffler Sales!

Wheelchairs and baby strollers can nick walls and cause property damage. Save time and money on wall repairs by using door frame guards. Door frame guards prevent door frame damage by creating a cushion for added strength and protection.

carpet to tile floor edging transition

Johnsonite wheel traffic vinyl transition adapters ensure a smooth surface for wheelchair, stroller and bicycle users. Edging, transitions and thresholds ensure that flooring feels even when you have hardwoods, tile and carpet next to each other.

Similarly, ensure no one is getting tangled up in cords with a cord and cable protector. This easy to install solution is available starting from under $30! To see the selection on, click here.

If you ever have any questions about our handicap accessible products, please contact the Koffler Sales team (contact info here). We are happy to help, and we offer free samples so you can 100% confident in your purchase. 

Puppy-Proof Your Home With Koffler Sales

The team at Koffler Sales loves dogs, and dogs love Koffler Sales too!

You may know our company as a leading supplier of wall and floor protection products, but Koffler Sales also offers products that can be used for puppy-proofing your home from damage.

c r u s h

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting, but it also can be challenging for pet owners. As babies, they don’t know the rules of the house yet and once they start teething — look out!

Corner-Protectors-For-Glass-imgOne Koffler customer recently left a product review for our Corner Guards. Check out his ingenious hack to stop his dogs from damaging the window sills:

Having just had all the trim in our house professionally painted, I wanted to protect our window sills where our two dogs put their feet to bark at the birds and squirrels. In our town I could not find the 2 inch and 2/1 inch corner guard I purchased from Koffler Sales Company. The product was shipped on time, the clear plastic guards were well protected with a plastic film. We love our dogs, but after spending $4200 to repaint, I wanted to protect the bottom window sills. The product exceeded my expectations in what we wanted to accomplish. Great product!!

House training a puppy can be a tiresome chore, and clean up is usually messy. Avoid staining and damaging your floors with floor protection products available from Koffler Sales.

Tips for Selling Your Home Your puppy cannot be crated 24/7, so one clever way to protect your carpets from “accidents” is to use Carpet Film Plastic Protection, starting from only $15.67/roll!

Roll the plastic carpet film over any carpets you may have in your home until your puppy is fully trained.

You can also use our Floor Protection Soft Matting by KofflerProtect, which is a padded mat with a backing designed to prevent oil, paint, and other construction site damage.

Clear-Grip-Tape-Hacks-DIY For dogs young and old who have problems climbing up the stairs, here is a clever hack: Use 3M® and KSC Bath and Shower Non Slip Tape on wooden stair treads to make them easier to grip for little furry paws. With low prices starting from only $15.26/roll, making it easier for your pooch to join you anywhere in your home has never been more affordable.

Finally, stains are prone to happen when you have a curious puppy in your home. If you need to get a stain out of ceramic, porcelain, concrete or marble tile, Mapei Ultracare Grout, Tile, Stain and Haze Remover products can be the right solution for you. These commercial-grade products are formulated to remove tough stains and refurbish existing tile and stone surfaces.

With these tips, you will be able to enjoy every second of puppyhood without worrying about protecting your home from damage. Remember, show Koffler Sales a picture of your completed project and you will be entered into our monthly drawing for a $100 Visa gift card!

Different Ways to Use Non Slip Tape

With different ways to use non slip tape, anti slip grip tape is one of the most versatile products sold on Each month, we receive new customer reviews highlighting new ingenious ways our customers are using our products — in addition, we receive photos our customers have taken showcasing their finished product.

Preventing accidents in all weather using non slip tape from Koffler Sales

One clever way pet lovers are using our non slip tape, is by applying it on their stair treads so aging pets can get up and down stairs easily. It can be heartbreaking when your pet wants to spend time with you upstairs or downstairs, but due to old age or injury, they can slip or fall trying to be close to you.

Exactly what the dog was looking for. She’s 13.4 years old and needed something to grip coming up the front porch stairs. Excellent adhesion. Might try filing my fingernails on this stuff.

One female customer came up with the ultimate trick for her closet:

I have a handmade 50 pair shoe rack constructed of dowels. The shoes kept slipping on the dowels. I covered them with this product and no more slipping. Thanks.

Many of our customers with handicap accessible ramps use anti slip grip tape to ensure their ramps stay safe in all weather:

Thank you. I purchased KSC tape for less than half the cost of 3M tape available at my local hardware store. Free shipping, arrived quickly. Have a new TREX ramp leading to deck…was concerned about rain blowing in then freezing on ramp, making it a hazard. Washed surface, then used 70% rubbing alcohol to clean where strips would be laid. Used hand-held rollers to seal them to ramp. It’s only been down for 2 days, but am delighted with it. Will be interested to see how it holds up through the winter.

And our non slip tape will look beautiful in a variety of high-traffic spaces, including a historic chapel:

We purchased KSC super grip non-slip tape for the the steps at St. Peter’s Chapel on Mare Island, the oldest naval chapel in the United States. Not only has it made the chapel more safe for the many who come to visit, it also has g helped to improve the appearance of the front of the chapel. We were extremely pleased with how quickly the tape arrived and how easy it was to install. So pleased , in fact, we placed a second order so we could do additional steps on the sides of the chapel.

How will you use your non slip adhesive tape? Leave a review or send us a picture of your completed project, and you’ll be entered in a monthly drawing for a Visa gift card.

Trap Repair Tape

Trap Repair TapeA repair tape is a material used to fix leaks on various surfaces. Repair tapes are usually sticky and are therefore wound around the source of leakage forming a watertight surface, thus solving the leak problem. If the source of leakage is a small, the repair tape may form a long-term or permanent fix. However, if the source of the leak is large; repair tape provides a short term fix as long term solutions are sought for.

Canvas and tarpaulins at times may get torn. The torn places thus form leaks making such canvas or tarpaulins. Such leaks may be solved by the use of tarp repair tapes which are used to cover the torn areas and form a waterproof surface thus making the tarpaulin or canvas watertight. Tarp repair tapes are used to fix leakage problems on tarpaulins or canvas. The source of leakage on the tarpaulin is identified after which the tape repair tape is placed tightly upon the leak to ensure it is airtight leaving no room for leaks through the repaired hole.

When choosing a tarp repair tape one should first ensure that it can withstand high water pressure that may act upon it so as to ensure it fixes the leak for a fairly permanent period. One should also ensure that it is thermally stable, that is, it is effective for use in any type of climate, whether too cold or hot. It should also be sticky to ensure it adheres to the torn parts of the canvas while fixing the leak forming a watertight seal on the canvas.

Tarp repair tapes are of the advantage that they can be used to fix small leaks on a tarpaulin for long periods. Besides, it also save the users the cost of buying new tarps or hiring expatriate help to help fix the small leak as the tapes are far much cheaper than the latter alternatives.

However, tarp repair tapes can only be used to fix minor leaks. If a canvas is torn across a large area, fixing the leak using canvas will be ineffective as it will not form a highly waterproof surface on the tarpaulin. This is because it would be difficult to put the repair tape over a widely torn area. Besides, the fluid pressure that would be exerted on the repair tape will be too high and it may therefore be deformed and become ineffective. Tarp repair tapes also lose their degree of stickiness on their surface as time progresses, necessitating periodical replacement of the tape.

Clear Grip Tape

Clear Grip TapeClear grip tape is just like other grip tapes; it is grippy but the major difference lies where the color is changed. It comes in some standard sizes. It is like the other sandpaper. One has to apply the grip tape himself to his or her deck. Clear grip tape is great for all kinds of applications, anywhere and anytime. It is known for its durability in the market. Some people also use it for their skateboards or Longboards. It is available at very low rates. No compromises are made on quality. It produces very well.
Usually a clear grip tape is available in 6 sizes. The length varies from size to size. There are many multiple brands producing clear grip tape but the quality is not the same. This is the only webpage which can be trusted by the people. It is producing and delivering high quality stuff all around. The quality and maintenance standards are the identity of the this organization. The main thing lies in the grip of the tape whether it is sticky or not. There are few things which are to be remembered forever by everyone before applying a clear grip tape. Sometimes it happens that when we apply a tape which is with logos or colors we sometimes may not clear the surface but before applying the clear grip tape it is very important to clear the base with some sponge or some surface cleaner to remove the leftovers of the grip tape which is removed earlier.

Another thing that is very important is this that never apply a clear grip tape on any colorful grip tape. It will slowly spoil both of the tapes. Whenever you want to remove any of the grip tape; use some liquid to remove, it will help you to remove the leftovers as well. Never experiment with multiple companies, try to stick one brand so that you may be able to find the faults. It is very much good for those decks which you want to stand out and make different ones. It is almost 9” roll in width and 60” in length. The prices are very reasonable for everyone. They decide on the scale of the foot.
It is very easy to handle. Its installation is easier. Anyone who has read the guide can install is. Now there is no need of any specialist, the situation can be handled. Thanks to the user guide provided with it. Indeed it has made it very easy to understand the usage of the clear grip tape. It is accessible to everyone in the market and on the internet as well. it is very commonly used in our houses. As per the review of the consumers, clear grip tape is rated as user friendly and easy to use. Comparing with black grip tape, the clear grip tape is different and made up of different components. It is not at all messy, if the worker has worked accurately. It is rated as a good product everywhere.

Grip Tape Designs

Grip Tape DesignsMillions of different grip tape designs are available now days. It is no more something unique or a hidden secret. As the world has become a global village, and the accessibility of the internet has made everyone closer. The ratio of awareness has increased so much that it has crossed it’s beyond limitations now. One person in America can purchase anything from anywhere around the globe. In this era grip tape awareness is not a big deal. Kids are very much interested in sports such as biking, long boards and many others. They need some kind of grip tape for a better grip to prevent one from falling. Grip tapes very commonly used.

Little time ago, kids were very much fed up of the same black colored grip tape designs so some of the naughty kids used to take it off and then resulted into an accident. Elders were usually worried for their children. Many of the parents stopped buying bikes for their children because of this skidding issue. It was very much dangerous and it involved the risk of life in it. When the world became a global village and this problem reached to the United States, a new era for grip tape designs started. Many new companies conceived the new idea and started their fate with it. New technology was used, new designers were introduced, new techniques were involved, a hell of effort was made to make the grip tape designs more colorful, smart, stylish and attractive for all age groups. The effort started to produce something which customer demands or which can attract the customer.

Grip tape designs were created in a large number of quantities. These designs addressed the needs and psychological demands of all age groups. The designers were specially advised to use such color schemes and designs which could attract and influence people for buying grip tape, which they did. Grip tape designs became once again common and friendly user. Especially kids started using them as a style statement. Multiple colors mix and match designs are available here. Colors like pink, blue, black, gray or purple are used. Many people in the society then demanded grip tape with some more enhancements in it. So the designers introduced grip tape with logo designs.

There were so many grip tape designs introduced in the market with reasonable rates. The prices were made in accordance with the affordability of the children. Customized grip tape designs are also available on the web page. They are very easy to order and purchase. You need to explain your requirement and place an order. The company will deliver at your door step within the next twenty four hours. It is not like that you order blue color and you will be delivered red color. The demanded thing is delivered to the customer. This is the reason of the success of our company. Customer satisfaction ratio is 100 %. Grip tapes are affordable and accessible to everyone anywhere. They are just an order away.

Grip Tape Cleaner

Grip Tape CleanerGrip tape is basically a sheet of paper that has an adhesive on one end and a surface that is somewhat like a sand paper on another. Most of the time, these are used by skateboarders. Yes, this is the main surface of the skateboards. They allow the feet of the skateboarder to grip to the board, making it easy for them to do their stunts. But how is grip tape cleaned? Well, there is what most people call a grip tape cleaner.

A grip tape cleaner is technically a chemical that is used to easily clean grip tape. However, these days, people are more open into using the grip tape cleaner in taking out the dirt on their grip tape. To take out the dirt of the grip tape, the first thing that has to be done is to spray the grip tape cleaner all over the dirty grip tape that is being taken out. This will make the dirty grip tape somehow loose so that it will be easy to take them out.

Next, a toothbrush should be used to scrub the grip tape cleaner all over the dirty grip tape that is being removed. Keep in mind that it is very important that the grip tape cleaner is scrubbed thoroughly all throughout the area. This will ensure that the grip tape will be loose enough to take out. If the grip tape cleaner that was applied may not seem enough, then feel free to spay some more of it so that the grip tape can easily be removed.

While the grip tape cleaner is still wet, grab a paper towel and put it over the dirty grip tape that is being removed. Keep in mind that the paper towel should not be rubbed into the grip tape. It should just be gently placed over it and tapped slowly in place. This will allow all the dirt and dust that the grip tape accrued to be stuck in the paper towel.

If the paper towel has been placed flat on the top of the grip tape area that is being cleaned, let it stay there for a couple of minutes. After the wait, gently pull upwards the paper towel that was placed on top of the grip tape. The dirt and grime that accumulated in the grip tape will now slowly stick to the paper towel. As many people know, paper towels can be weak when they are wet. Therefore, make sure that the grip tape cleaner has slightly dried up before pulling the paper towel up.

If the grip tape is still not clean enough, just proceed to applying more grip tape cleaner on the surface of the grip tape. Then, repeat the steps in cleaning it. Brush the surface again with an old toothbrush. Make sure that the cleaner is spread out well and properly. Add on the paper towel on the surface of the grip tape. Tap slowly until the paper towel has settled. Wait a few minutes, and pull the paper towel upwards.