Anti-Slip Tape for Shoes

Anti-Slip Tape for ShoesAnti-Slip Tape cuts down the risk of accidents resulting from tripping on slippery floors or uneven grounds. In the same way, anti-slip tape for shoes helps one to have a firm grip when walking to prevent slipping and falling. They come with trends on the sole of shoes. Without the anti-slip tape, it is very easy for one to trip and fall when walking on a slippery surface.

It is very simple to make anti-slip tape for shoes. Start by wiping the bottom part of the shoes with a damp cloth and then dry completely. Place a duct tape on the exterior soles and then anti-slip shoe applique that are designed to fit the front part of the shoe bottom perfectly. After that cut two pieces of sand-paper, preferably fine-grain sandpaper and attach the pieces to the bottom of each shoe using rubber cement. When finished, wait for about eight hours to give time for the glue and applique stick properly to the sole of the shoes before putting them on.

Another way is to use slip resistant shoe covers. These are mostly blue and are designed like bags that cover the feet. The material used to make them gives one an extra grip when walking. The anti-abrasion anti-slip silicone foot care shoe sole grip adhesive pad which can also be used. It last longer and does not leave any arks on the flow when walking. They are self-adhesive.
Some of the accidents at places of work or even at home are as a result of wrong footwear. The injuries resulting from slipping could be serious and in some cases even fatal. In areas like the kitchen, corridors, storage rooms and stairs are areas where one could easily slip. Some jobs like being a doctor, nurse, waiters, and janitors among others demand for one to keep walking therefore one has to be careful to ensure that the shoes they buy have an anti-slip tape. The shoes do not necessarily have to be bulky or