Aluminum Diamond Plate Angle

Aluminum Diamond Plate AngleAs the name suggests an aluminum diamond plate with angle is a piece of lightweight metal that is basically made from aluminum, while other diamond plates are made from steel and stainless steel. The ‘diamond’ part accounts for the fact that the plate is fashioned in a diamond-shaped pattern.

Diamond plates are used to create stairs and catwalks in industrial settings, as well as elevators. Quite often diamond plates are also used inside ambulances and on firetrucks’ footplates. They can run straight in order to be applied across the main area that you whish to cover, or have an angle. An aluminum diamond plate with angle is then used to cover the corners or it is sometimes used for decorative reasons. The obvious question here is: why? Why would anyone use an aluminum diamond plate and an aluminum diamond plate with angle? The first reason is protection. The diamond design on those plates, where the diamond extends above the main surface the plate (it is not carved on it), makes it very hard to slip when walking on it; thus it reduces the number of accidents that can happen, especially in industrial sites where workers have to carry heavy tool kits on their person and also carry heavy loads from one place to another. Even if the plate becomes wet, it still won’t be enough for someone to slip, since one’s shoe essentially steps on the aluminum diamonds on its surface, which provide excellent foot support. The second reason to choose diamond plates that are made from aluminum specifically, is because aluminum is a strong and endurable material that does not rust out, while being relatively cheap at the same time. It is essentially what we call a buy that is value-for-money, given that it will both do the job it is intended to do and it also has a good life expectancy. Additionally, aluminum diamond plates and aluminum diamond plates with angle have the advantage that they can be manipulated with ease. Given, of course, that you have the proper equipment, you can either bend or cut the plates so that they fit exactly where you want them, without compromising the material’s strength and durability. Keep in mind, however, that even if you have the necessary equipment, this is definitely something that you cannot do without the respective know-how and some prior experience.

Nevertheless there is no need to buy fancy equipment and experiment with aluminum bending and cutting (it is better to leave this to the professional), when you can probably find exactly what you want with a simple search through the various online stores that sell aluminum diamond plates and aluminum diamond plates with angle. Diamond plates are available in different sizes: from 1 ft x 1 ft (length x width) and 2 ft x 2ft, up to 6 ft x 10 ft and 8 ft to 12 ft, while there is also the option of ordering them in custom sizes (needless to say of course that this option will be a bit more costly). As for thickness aluminum diamond plates and aluminum diamond plates with angle range from 0.063 inches up to 0.250 without including the diamonds. Take out your measuring tape and order yours now.