Acrovyn 4000 Corner Guard

Acrovyn 4000 Corner GuardAn acrovyn 4000 corner guard is a material that you can use to cover the corners of your walls, so that you prevent any possible damage that can occur when you move around furniture, and generally damage that can be the result of your everyday activities along with a strong dosage of unnecessary (but unavoidable) clumsiness. No matter what the case for you is, use an acrovyn 4000 corner to cover up every corner that you feel you need to protect in the present, and spare yourself the trouble and the cost of fixing damaged walls in the future.

There are many types of corner guards, of course, that can do the same job as well, if you think crudely of corner protection only. The difference, however, is that acrovyn 4000 is a polyester formula specifically designed to protect your wall corners, but without containing PBTs, without containing PBA, and in general no other halogenerated fire-retardants. In this case PBTs is the short form for ‘persistent bio-accumulative toxins’, while PBA stands for ‘bisphenol A’, a carbon-based synthetic compound associated with cancer, neurological issues, asthma, and other health problems. Thankfully, the acrovyn 4000 formula is chemically resistant and it also resists the development of fungi and bacteria. In other words, an acrovyn 4000 corner guard is much safer in the event of a fire, much more hygienic for you and those living in your house, and it is also much more eco-friendly since it can be easily recycled. Add to that the fact that an acrovyn 4000 corner guard costs no more than the original acrovyn, and you will realize immediately that it is by far the best choice when it comes to protecting your wall corners.

Besides meeting California’s 01350 standards regarding low-emitting materials and offering the best corner protection in the market, an acrovyn 4000 corner guard can also help you add a colorful touch to your place. Since acrovyn 4000 corner guards are available in 64 different colors and 16 beautiful patterns, there is simply no way that you do not find one to meet your aesthetic requirements, no matter what design and what d