3m Window Film

3m Window Film

Through usage of 3m window film, it has been proven that it reduces the energy cost of a house; in particularly it saves the power needed by the house cooling system by up to 30% as studies posted by the 3M website. A 3m window film is a thin barrier which created from the inside of your windows so that to save on electricity. In addition, it prevents the furniture and the entire interior décor of the house from fading due to the UV rays of the sun, and also reduces the glare in the house hence making the surrounding more appropriate for watching TV and working from the computer (desktop/ laptop).

If you need a 3m window film, contact the local dealers of the 3m window film where you will get useful about the various types of window films they provide. Thereafter you can set a date for the estimate and dealings and finalize for the installation if it suits your budget. Before applying the 3m window film make sure the areas around the windows from inside the house is clear that is move aside the furniture or any object in the way. Thus, this makes the installation of the film much easier for the well skilled employee. When the installation is completed, give 30-45 days in order the bubbles and hazing to disappear as this is normal step of the curing process. But the type of film and weather conditions determines the duration of the curing process. In completing the curing, the 3m window film will help in cutting down the energy bill for even a decade.

The 3m company has developed a variety of window films which can also be cleaned through using window sponge to wet the window surface and you should rub gently at any smudge or dirty spot. The excessive moisture is squeegee from the top to bottom and wipe out the squeegee with a piece of cloth. Repeat this until the window well cleaned and polish the window with a soft cloth.

Removal of 3m window film

Because this film is specifically designed to filter or block the sun ray from projecting through the windows therefore, if your 3m window film is peeling or scratched off, it must be removed before applying another layer of the film.  By saturating the window film in soapy water for sometimes, the film simply peel itself off the window. However, after the film is removed usually there is a layer of adhesive that remains which should also be removed. But you can also cut the garbage bag or the plastic drop sheet so that it fits the window using a pair of scissor, and then spray any liquid soap. By positioning the garbage bag over the film will eventually enhance moisturizing of the film. Allow the soapy water to work into the film before beginning the gentle peel back of the 3m window film. The remaining adhesive and window film can be removed by applying ammonia or citrus; based window cleaning products. But never use abrasive cleaners for example scrubbing pads or brushes to remove the film since this will leave scratches on the window.