3m Reflective Tape Walmart

3m Reflective Tape WalmartIf you are concerned with safety, there is simply no way that at least some kind of reflective tape is in your safety kit. In fact one of the best products in the market is the 3m reflective tape by Walmart, which you can find at many hardware stores or order online at the convenience of your home while browsing through Walmart’s user-friendly interface.

It might come as a surprise to you, but reflective tapes in general and the 3m reflective tape by Walmart specifically, have more uses that you expect, and you probably see them being used regularly even though you might not realize it. For example, construction workers use them to wrap themselves for safety reasons, but more often reflective tapes are used for all kinds of vehicles: ambulances and police vehicles, school buses, mail trucks, street sweepers and trash trucks, etc. The reason that drivers (or those responsible for the above mentioned vehicles) use reflective tapes is because they wish to increase their vehicle’s visibility and make it more noticeable by other drivers so that possible accidents are prevented from happening.

Reflective tapes are made from a thermoplastic resin called polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, that is strong enough as a material to hold the micro-prisms that give the tape its light-reflective ability. Micro-prisms are essentially tiny reflectors that are usually printed on the PVC tape in a way so that they reflect the light, that is coming from various angles, back to its original source.

You probably find the function of the 3m reflective tape by Walmart interesting to know as general information and it should also make sense to you why so many professionals use it, but you cannot really see why you should buy it since you are neither a construction worker nor an ambulance driver. Think again! Do you ever jog after the sun has set? If the answer is yes, then you must have noticed that sometimes a simple 30 minute jogging can prove to be much more dangerous than it should. When you are jogging out on the streets and not in a protected environment like a stadium, you run the risk (literally) of being hit by a careless driver who failed to see you in time due to decreased visibility. If, however, you cut a few pieces off the 3m reflective tape by Walmart and apply it on your clothing, you will make it much easier for anyone to spot you, thus turning your jogging into a much safer activity. The same goes for bikes and motorcycles also. Some kind of reflective safety features have become practically standard for bicycles, but they are usually not enough to guarantee your safety; that is why using the 3m reflective type by Walmart on your clothing or helmet can only be to your advantage. Generally speaking, statistics show that the use of such tapes, like the 3m reflective tape by Walmart, have caused a 30 per cent drop in the number of accidents that occur on public roads.

If you don’t already have one yourself, by a 3m reflective tape by Walmart as soon as possible. The use of reflective tape will definitely come in handy whether you are jogging or driving around town, whether you are canoeing or kayaking in a river, or you just want to pinpoint the exits points in your building in case of emergency.