3M Grip Tape


3m grip tape

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3M grip tape is used in any area where slipping may be a hazard and has many areas of the house or workplace that can be beneficial. It is made out of a non-skid abrasive film with an adhesive that is pressure sensitive backing it. Before applying to wood it is advised to seal the wood prior to using 3M Grip Tape. 3M Grip tape is designed to completely protect against oil, water, grease, and most acids.

This product has been designed with a heavy waterproof film and is covered with a gritty and durable surface that will surely provide ample traction to any location. The bottom side of the tape has a strong adhesive that will not damage underlying surface when the tape is removed. It is designed to pull up off the floor when needed. This grip tape will be held in place once applied and will not wrinkle or buckle under any circumstances. The thickness of the 3M grip tape is 1/16 of an inch and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that are sure to accommodate any surface area.

The grip tape is available in a variety of colors and has is available at other sizes not advertised to accommodate any size and shape. When the tape is no longer needed it is easily removed and replaced if necessary. This tape is weather proof and is widely used indoors as well as outdoors on a variety of differing surfaces. It is important however, to clean surfaces thoroughly before application of 3M grip tape to ensure the tape gets an unobstructed surface to attach to.

This tape will last for years and is recommended for use for long periods of time. The tape can be expected to stay for a permanent use or can be applied and removed if only needed for a specific period of time. This product has the ability of combining a waterproof surface with added traction to a variety of locations that may need it. This product comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes and can accommodate any size or surface that you may need. Customization is an added accommodation that can be utilized by contacting the company and arranging something. 3M is more then willing to help accommodate your need for and size, shape, or color their grip tape that you may need.

The 3M grip tape features a weatherproof waterproof resistant surface that will add grip to any surface. Unlike other similar products the 3M Grip tape is easily applied to and removed from almost any surface indoors or outdoors that you can think of. Added to the ability to put almost anywhere, when the grip tape is removed there is no damage to the surfaces that it was originally stuck on and you wouldn’t even notice that anything had been there in the first place. It offers ease of use and will help any situation where extra traction or footing may be needed.

3M Grip Tape